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Tea Lichou, salon de thé

Quirky coffee shops and tea salons in Paris

For a gourmet and relaxing break, some people have their habits in their local coffee shop. Others, short on inspiration, would like to find a quirky and pleasant place to enjoy a tasty hot beverage served with delicious pastries. To help you out in your quest, Sortiraparis lists the quirkiest coffee shops and tea salons in Paris.
Top des Coffee Shop à Paris

The best Coffee Shops in Paris

Coffee lovers unite! Because a coffee break is a ritual shared by many people worldwide, we decided to make you discover the best coffee shops in Paris.
Le Collectionneur, restaurant-terrasse à Paris, les photos

Top 10 new restaurants in Paris

What are the new irresistible restaurants in Paris? We’ve found some superb gems that will make your taste buds burst in joy! 3… 2… 1 Let’s go!
Les meilleures glaces de l'été 2017 à Paris

The best ice creams in Paris this summer 2018

Summer is here and so is the heat the ice cream craving. In Paris, several ice cream makers offer uncommon and surprising ice creams: magnum, frozen desserts, ice creams on order, milkshakes, summer has never felt so cool.
The Butchers of Paname

The best restaurants in Paris Latin Quarter

From Saint-Germain to Odéon without forgetting Saint-Michel, Mabillon and even Saint-Sulpice, here’s the crème de la crème of the restaurants in Paris Latin Quarter! To stuff your face, follow the guide!
Homer Lobster à Paris

The best unique street food addresses in Paris

Do you like street food? We offer you to discover the greatest street food addresses to be enjoyed on the go, roaming around Paris. Exotic, vegan or based on one product only, these sports will treat you well.
Chamarré Montmartre

The best restaurants in Montmartre, Paris

Montmartre is beautiful of course but it whets the appetite. So, obviously, we are looking for a tasty restaurant in this Parisian neighborhood. It’s perfect since we’ve found the best restaurants in Montmartre! Ok, let’s go!
La terrasse du MOB Hôtel à Paris

Top new terraces 2018 in Paris

In Paris, terraces are busy all summer long! Between hanging terraces, floating terraces and trendy terraces… The choice is yours if you want to relax while enjoying the sun. But, if some are very well-known by sunbathing-enthusiasts, others have just opened bringing a new breath of freshness and novelties in the French capital. Sortiraparis invites you to discover the top new terraces 2018 in Paris.
Brunch La Bauhinia @ Shangri-La

Guide to Paris’s All-you-Can-Eat Brunches

Sunday brunch, that’s one thing. But an all-you-can-eat brunch, now that’s what we’re talking about! Whether you’re looking for something fancy, original, low-budget or with a view, we’ve got it all here in our guide to the best self-serve buffet brunches in Paris to satisfy those weekend cravings!
Gastel, la pâtisserie orgasmique

The best tea salons in Paris

Feel like gathering your friends around a lovely cup of tea (or a tasty coffee) and a delicious pastry? Head to one of our favorite tea salons in Paris to excite your taste buds and spend a delightful moment in the French capital!
Fuumi, où quand le sushi et le burrito se rencontrent

Quirky restaurants in Paris

Looking for a quirky and unusual restaurant in Paris? You want something new, spectacular, and something awe-inspiring in your plate? Enjoying a meal in a unique setting or context? For uncommon culinary experiences, keep reading!
Chilam : l’excellent Gastrobar mexicain de la capitale

The best restaurants in Paris Marais neighborhood

Are you looking for a lovely restaurant in the Marais neighborhood in Paris? We’ve selected you the crème de la crème of this ultra-trendy spot. From breakfast to dinner, here are the best of the Marais restaurants!
Mon Loup : le nouveau restaurant qui met les paysans à l’honneur à Paris

The best restaurants in Paris 17th arrondissement

Are you looking for a restaurant in Paris 17th arrondissement? From Ternes to Batignolles without forgetting Monceau, Porte Maillot and Pereire, here’s the best of gourmet addresses in this moving neighborhood!
Le guide des restos vegans à Paris

Vegan restaurants in Paris

Paris is full of vegan addresses that make vegans happy and the trend is not likely to stop here. So, to help you out, here are the best spots where you can confidently enjoy delicious meals.
La Cornetteria

The best restaurants in Paris 2nd arrondissement

Are you looking for a nice restaurant in Paris 2nd arrondissement? If so, we’ve got good news for you, your quest stops here! Nice addresses, we’ve got plenty to propose you and for everyone. So, for the best restaurants in Paris 2nd arrondissement, keep reading!
Le Limon : le nouveau resto de Juan Arbealez, les photos

The best restaurants around the Champs Elysées in Paris

Are you looking for a nice restaurant near the Champs Elysées in Paris? Good riddance to tourist traps, we’ve unearthed you the sure bets that won’t fail you!
Paléo 21, le premier restaurant Paléo à Paris - les photos

Healthy restaurants in Paris

Summer is just around us and we think it’s time to lose the weight we gained this winter to achieve our body goal for the summer? Well, here are the healthy restaurants in Paris to treat ourselves while eating healthy food!
Le T'Time du Jardin Privé, délicieuse bulle gourmande à Châtelet Les Halles

The best patisseries and tea rooms in Paris Marais neighborhood

How about a gourmet break in the Marais neighborhood in Paris? Discover the best patisseries and tea rooms in Paris 4th arrondissement. Careful though, you may be addicted!
Le Petit Commines : le restaurant bistronomique de Monsieur Papounet

The best “Maître Restaurateur” restaurants in Paris

Are you looking for a Maître Restaurateur restaurant in Paris? Modern, gastronomic, local, family and bistronomic cooking… We give you the best Maître-Restaurateur restaurants in Paris.
Le petit déjeuner de La Société

The Best Breakfasts in Paris

People always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Just eating a croissant on the run to get your fill of energy doesn’t cut it, you’ve got to savor the moment in a cool spot!