Hotel Fauchon to open on September 1, 2018 in Paris Madeleine neighborhood: visiting the worksite

On September 1, 2018, Fauchon opens its first hotel set in Place de la Madeleine, a stone’s throw from the beautiful Parisian store, this 5-star hotel will seduce gourmets from all over the world. We could visit the worksite, exchange with the manager, and we tell you everything!

A Hotel Fauchon in Paris? After the tearooms and the stores across the world, Fauchon will open its very first hotel… in Place de la Madeleine, and you’re right to have your eyes sparkle!

The hotel won’t be above the store, but on the other side of the Madeleine Church, we thought so too but it’s actually not a bad thing.

Set at 11 place de la Madeleine (not above the historic store, it would have been too beautiful), Hotel Fauchon will cover 6 floors and feature 54 rooms, a restaurant-bar, a tea garden, a quiet library for residents and a Carita spa.

A non-stop Fauchon restaurant-bar

If Fauchon historic address will remain at 30 Place de la Madeleine, Hotel Fauchon will offer a spot of choice within the very hotel, with a splendid restaurant-bar open from 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., with a terrace open on the street in the summer! With its gourmet menu, its selection of French wines and the whole offer for breakfast/lunch/teatime/pre-dinner drink/dinner, its 56 seats are likely to be filled all the time! The first idea is to “live Paris as a moveable feast”.

L'Hôtel Fauchon ouvre à Madeleine le 1er septembre 2018 : visite du chantier

A custom-made welcome for the hotel clients

Fauchon knows how to welcome its clients: first at the airport, drinks and delicacies are handed over for a relaxing moment in the shuttle, an attention that you will find at the hotel.

Manager Jérôme Montatème explains us: “as soon as you arrive at the hotel, there’s no formal check-in, clients can directly go to their room, have a glass of champagne, a glass of wine or a fruit juice with a pastry to relax after the travel, it’s a Fauchon gift. Then, for whatever service, very thoughtful concierges will provide exceptional moments in Paris (shopping, cruise on the Seine…).

A restaurant in the bedroom

The Hotel 54 rooms are very big, from 25-sqm for the smallest ones up to 75-sqm for the biggest suites and offering very enjoyable services. The first positive aspect, no room is set on the “courtyard” side, they all have a superb view on Paris, sometimes looking toward the Madeleine church, sometimes toward the Eiffel Tower (even if we don’t see its feet. Second positive point is the sound-proofing! We can’t hear a single thing even though we are on one of the most crowded arteries in Paris.

L'Hôtel Fauchon ouvre à Madeleine le 1er septembre 2018 : visite du chantier

Then, third positive aspect and a good one at that, each and every room features a “gourmet bar”, a library of sweet treats included for all booking. Every time you crave some pastry, you can help yourself without calling room-service (even if it exists).

In addition to the room, clients can enjoy a delicious space entitled “Le Jardin des Thés” where breakfast will be served, as well as a library to read a novel with a view on Paris, far from the madding crowd.

A Carita spa and gym classes to stay fit

Hotel Fauchon team makes every effort, really! For example, (manager) Jérôme Montantème runs in Paris almost every day and will offer residents a unique running session in the Tuileries garden.

L'Hôtel Fauchon ouvre à Madeleine le 1er septembre 2018 : visite du chantier

Then, in the basement, a free running, cycling and step area for those who would like to flush out all the cakes they have eaten (or feeling okay about eat and eat twice as much!).

Please note that if sugar brings you (or others) out in a rash, the Carita spa is here to help you getting it all fixed with treatments that are perfect for stressed skins!

A first hotel that shows the way

This project is the first step of many others, since Fauchon expects to open a collection Fauchon with a dozen other hotels in the countries where its delicatessens are already set. It answers “a clearly set strategy to develop the brand in luxury and French art de vivre, a universe Fauchon is now the ambassador in the entire world” the brand majority shareholder Michel Ducros says.

We can’t wait for the hotel to be done, meet on September 1 on the terrace!


Elodie D.
Last updated on 13 April 2018

Practical information

Chambre classique de 26m²: 530 €
Chambre supérieure de 28m², vue tour Eiffel: 620 €
Chambre supérieure de 33m²: 730 €
Chambre supérieure de 332², vue tour Eiffel: 830 €
Suite Deluxe de 40², vue tour Eiffel: 1300 €
Suite Duplex de 45², vue tour Eiffel: 1800 €
Suite Prestige de 60², vue tour Eiffel: 2200 €

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