Foucade Paris: the first “positive pastry store” opens in Paris

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 5 June 2018 at 18h29
Since this December 2, 2015, foodies can go in Paris 1st arrondissement to discover the very first Foucade Paris store!

You may have noticed it but “gluten-free” diets are more and more important in our lives. Even some top pastry chefs try their hands to it.

Today, a brand-new gourmet place combining pleasure and health sets up in the French capital.Foucade Paris, the young brand launched a few months ago by Marjorie Foucade, opens its very first store-tea room in the city of Lights.

Nestled within walking distance from Madeleine, this chic and glam 45-sqm store (with about 20 seats) expects to make a name in the healthy pastry universe.

Foucade ParisFoucade ParisFoucade ParisFoucade Paris

Described as the “Positive pastry shop”, Foucade Paris offers allergen-free delights (gluten-free with very little or lactose-free), with less sugar (low in saturated fat and fast-acting sugar) and with natural and unrefined ingredients (complete almond flours and powders, complete sugar…).

And to offer a creative offer combining pleasure and health, Marjorie Foucade is surrounded by nutritionists, cooking engineers and renown French pastry chefs.

Foucade ParisFoucade ParisFoucade ParisFoucade Paris

To make up your own mind, discover now the collection of pastries offered at Foucade Paris:

  • L’Opérette: Raw chocolate cookie, dry fruits, buckwheat flakes, light flour-less sponge cake, 70%, 85% and 100% chocolate cream and mousse.

  • La Citronnée: Raw almond paste, three citrus fruits cream, spicy vanilla-cinnamon glaze, lemony flakes.

  • La Fruité: Raw almond paste, complete rice pastry cream, exotic purée with pepper, fresh mango dices sprinkled with cilantro.

  • L’éclair: Light pâte à choux with canola oil, raw chocolate cream, Hoji-tea poached pear, raw caramelized hazelnuts.

  • La Rustique: Chestnut and complete rice flour puff pastry, mashed sweet potato, caramelized baked apple

We’ve been lucky enough to taste some of these pastries. We particularly enjoyed the éclair and its chocolate cream and the Rustique with its mashed sweet potato.

Foucade Paris even offers three yule logs for the Holidays including the excellent Coco/Exotique.

Foucade ParisFoucade ParisFoucade ParisFoucade Paris

For the most curious ones, please note Foucade Paris official website gives the exact composition of each pastry as well as its nutritional ID.

In other words, don’t feel guilty and discover the very first Foucade Paris store!

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61 Rue de Bretagne
75003 Paris 3

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