PH7 Equilibre, Organic and Vegetarian Restaurant in Paris

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Published by My B. · Photos by My B. · Published on 21 December 2015 at 15h48
PH7 Equilibre is a new, healthy and delicious eatery in the 9th arrondissement in Paris. The restaurant serves not only vegetarian and organic cuisine (sometimes even vegan dishes) but also meals that respect an acido-basic balance. With these fresh, seasonal ingredients including vegans and gluten-free options, you can order guilt-free with your eyes closed.

When we’re looking for a quick midday meal that’s tasty in the 9th arrondissement, most of our options are burgers, fries or pasta...not some of the healthiest options in the capital. But what if we told you that there is a new restaurant that’s not only healthy but completely balanced as well? PH7 Equilibre restaurant serves a variety of dishes made with quality products that have low acidifying effects on the body and that are free of pesticides. It’s time to make some good resolutions or follow the ones we’ve already made, all while enjoying a meal out of the house!

You might be thinking, what is an acido-basic balance? To make it simple, humans today have a diet that is too high in acidifying foods, due mostly to an overconsumption of cereal grains, dairy products and meats, and an underconsumption of fruits and vegetables and other tubers that regulate our body’s acidity. Several studies have shown that our highly acid modern diet could foster diseases like osteoporosis and diabetes.

The short of it is that when you want to choose your next lunch spot, you can also make the healthy decision! And if it means that after our meal we feel energized and avoid that post-lunch sluggish feeling we all experience so often, we can’t say no!

PH7 Equilibre also has a colorful, natural and welcoming decor, that gives the atmosphere a certain freshness. We feel good eating there, like we’re right at home!

PH7 EquilibrePH7 EquilibrePH7 EquilibrePH7 Equilibre

The menu is short but you can be sure that the products are fresh and the dishes are made in-house. You can start by ordering a fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juice, made to order. Recipes change daily depending on the market ingredients and the season.

PH7 EquilibrePH7 EquilibrePH7 EquilibrePH7 Equilibre

For the main course, you can choose between “L’essentiel,” an assortment of 7 foods and “L’alcalinisante,” than includes 10. You can also try their soup of the day, a warm and vitamin-rich treat, especially on those colder days.

PH7 EquilibrePH7 EquilibrePH7 EquilibrePH7 Equilibre

The assortment plates are full of flavor, seasons with a variety of Indian-inspired spices. When we visited, we tried the cumin carrots, shredded beets, red cabbage, hummus, and tender leek. The platter brought together hot and cold foods, with the cooked rice, lentils and quinoa coming together with the other raw vegetables. The textures and flavors contrast beautifully and you leave feeling more than satisfied.

After the meal, why not try some dessert of the day? When we visited, there were mouth-watering carrot cake, chocolate mousse, and coconut panna cotta desserts, a real treat!

PH7 EquilibrePH7 EquilibrePH7 EquilibrePH7 Equilibre

At PH7, healthy, basic and well-paired foods are the priority. So you can eat healthy and delicious food, every day.

Useful Information:
PH7 Equilibre
Organic  and vegetarian restaurant in Paris

Adresse : 21, rue Pelletier 75009 Paris
Phone#:09 83 87 95 95
Open Monday - Friday, from 9am to 5pm
Prices: L’essentielle: 12€, L'alcalinisante: 14€
Juice, soup and dessert combo:4€
Large energizing soup: 9€

Practical information


21 Rue le Peletier
75009 Paris 9

fourchette: €9 - €25

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