Osè African Cuisine, the African fast food in Paris

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Published by My B. · Photos by My B. · Published on 19 February 2016 at 08h14
Today, you can try African cuisine without locking yourself up in a greasy spoon. Osè African Cuisine makes African cuisine flavors accessible to all. Whether you like spicy food or not, go for it, leave your habits away. Gluten-free and 100% Halal, the concept is delighting.

How about eating African at lunchtime? C’mon, it’s not complicated or long or too spicy. Osè African Cuisine makes African cuisine accessible with a quick and varied offer to have lunch or dinner without fuss.

How about a Yassa or a Mafé on the go? It’s not impossible. Go for these major dishes as well as other less known exotic flavors. And how about tasting the grain sauce, the okra or the yellow eggplant?

Ose African CuisineOse African CuisineOse African CuisineOse African Cuisine

The place, located within walking distance from BO St Martin, reveals a simple and cleaned deco. High wooden tables, comfy seats and light room await you.

Osè African CuisineOsè African CuisineOsè African CuisineOsè African Cuisine

Speaking of the menu, you can choose among 3 set menus according to your appetite! The small one allows you two extras, you can choose the chili and a drink, the medium one features a plate or a box with chili and drink and the large one has a plate and an extra.

We start with choosing the side. Red rice or manioc semolina? We continue with the sauce: Mafé, Yassa, coco, rasta (bean, bell pepper, tomato, pepper from Jamaica) or Ndizi, the specialty based on banana.

For proteins, we can choose beef, chicken, shrimps or pan-fried veggies (according to the chef’s inspiration). Please note that all meats are fresh, free-range, from controlled origin and Halal. A particular attention is paid to the choice of products so that they are with no additives and without GMOs.

Moving on to extras, chicken wings, plantain, alloco (fried plantain) or salad are offered. The place offers you to choose the chili suited to your liking. From the sweeter one to the spiciest (for the bravest) you can choose between the ginger chili, the tamarind chili, the one with mango or the Osè special.

Speaking of main courses, everything is homemade by a true chef and cooked with fresh ingredients. The home chili comes from the chef’s private garden. The restaurant offer perfectly suits people who eat gluten-free, no matter if they are gluten-intolerant or not. All sauces – like dishes – are created with gluten-free flours.

In terms of drinks, we advise you the original tamarind drink. A homemade drink that will please you and dehydrate you in a healthy way.

Ose African CuisineOse African CuisineOse African CuisineOse African Cuisine

If you want to test African cuisine without moving from your couch, please note that the restaurant uses delivery means (such as Foodora or Alloresto…).

So, fancy a ready-to-eat yassa chicken?

Practical information


34 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin
75010 Paris 10

Menu S: €9.5
Menu M: €11.5
Menu L: €14.5

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