Le Restaurant, hidden gem and Michelin-starred Restaurant in the Saint-Germain-des-Près district

This Michelin-starred restaurant is located in the magnificent “Hôtel” (that’s its name) on the rue des Beaux Arts. When you pass in front of the hotel you wouldn’t know that there is a magical spot that’s out of this world hidden inside. Above all else, it features a first rate gastronomic cuisine! We’re telling you about it, but shhh….this place is so good, we don’t want the secret getting out..

Le Restaurant, it’s called, and it’s located in the "Hôtel" (that makes it easy, doesn't it?) hidden at 13 rue des Beaux Arts, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Près. You can pass by time and time again without knowing that behind the walls, there is a magical place hidden...Once you pass through the doors, you enter into another era, into a 19th century world of famous writers. It was here, after all, that Oscar Wilde found refuge after being imprisoned in England. Later, many other famous figures fell in love with this place, including Jean Cocteau, Jim Morrison, Salvador Dali, and Serge Gainsbourg, who composed the album Melody Nelson there!

Le Restaurant : petit trésor caché et étoilé à Saint-Germain des PrésPhoto credit : Amy Murrell

Once you’ve passed through the whimsical stairwell and the bar, you’re in Le Restaurant, lit up during the day by natural lighting from the glass ceiling, and during the night by oriental lanterns that hang down from the ceiling. Seated comfortably in Empire chairs, you gain an appreciation for this very cozy setting, in the Olympian silence that makes you forget you’re in Paris, just steps away from the Seine river. You’ll love the view over the small outdoor garden, where if you’d like, you can sit and enjoy the sound of the trickling of the fountain.


Signature dish: Loctudy tourteau, yuzu mousse, meat lifted with Savora, avocado

On the cuisine side, the journey continues with the technique and creativity of young chef Julien Montbatut, who is just 29 years old. Running the kitchens since May 2011, Montbatut earned his first Michelin star in 2012. He brings a pinch of modernity and a certain lightness to Le Restaurant, making the experience just that much more enjoyable.

A la carte, the lunch menu has prices that remain accessible for such a fine dining experience. Plan on around 35€ for a main course, 45€ for a starter and a main course, or a main dish and a dessert, and then 55€ for a starter, main course and dessert. Some examples of starters include duck foie gras, infused with long pepper, poached in red wine, then pressed, fresh in pickles; as a main course, there is the monkfish cheek in smoked milk, sautéed in moussed butter, endives and Italian lard, or the “Rex from Poitou” rabbit with sage juice, roasted, new Noirmoutier potatoes, finally finishing with a baba dessert with vanilla Chantilly cream, soaked in citrus and rum, and sugar cookies.


First catch sole in its broth with grey shrimp, cooked on the bones, celeriac and mussels

If you really want to experience Chef Montbatut’s creations, let yourself be tempted into trying the surprise tasting menu in 5 (110€) or 7 (135€) courses, that you can pair with wines, meticulously selected by the sommelier. We were lucky enough to try it, and what a treat it was! This is such fine and light cuisine that even after 5 course we weren’t yet glued to our chairs, and might have even gone back for seconds if we could! Some of the must-try’s are the signature dish, that’s so beautiful, you won’t want to touch it ( Loctudy tourteau, Yuzu mousse, meat lifted with Savora, avocado)

We also absolutely loved the “first-catch” sole in its broth with grey shrimp, cooked on the bones, celeriac and mussels. And let’s not forget the dangerously tempting lemon, Italian meringue, on a crisp biscuit, creamy and zesty dessert!


Lemon, Italian meringue, on a crisp biscuit, creamy and zesty

This restaurant is still confidential, and while we’d like to keep it to ourselves, it would be a shame to not share it! You will be without a doubt enchanted by the setting, taken in by the hospitality of the staff, and absolutely amazed by the exceptional finesse of the cuisine of the young and the great Chef Julien Montbatut.

Useful Information:
Le Restaurant de l’Hôtel
13, rue des Beaux-Arts - 75006 Paris
01 44 41 99 01
Open for Lunch from Tuesday through Saturday, 12:30pm to 2pm, and for dinner from Tuesday through Saturday, from 7:30pm to 10pm. 

Candice L.
Last updated on 15 April 2016

Practical information


13 Rue des Beaux Arts
75006 Paris 6

M° saint-Germain des Prés

Le menu déjeuner avec entrée + plat ou plat + dessert: 45 €
Le menu déjeuneravec entrée + plat + dessert: 55 €
Le menu dégustation "surprise" en 5 services: 110 €
Le menu dégustation "surprise" en 5 services avec 3 vins en accord: 155 €
Le menu dégustation "surprise" en 7 services avec 4 vins en accord : 190 €

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