Dicoeur: a gourmet Chinese restaurant

Published by Tatiana D. · Published on 15 April 2017 at 23h38
A brand-new restaurant lovingly named Dicoeur displaying an original and polished décor has opened in early 2017 in Paris 9th arrondissement. A true change of scenery filled with gourmet Chinese food!

Since February 28, 2017, in the heart of Paris 9th arrondissement, a stone’s throw from the Théâtre des Folies Bergère, you can discover the very chic Chinese restaurant, Dicoeur.

Forget about the traditional eggrolls of your local Chinese caterer and enjoy a gustatory travel marked with Asian exoticism in a heteroclite décor made of golden cages, big chandeliers and armchairs made of wire mesh.

At Dicoeur, the flavorful dishes are inspired by the traditional food from southern China (from the Guizhou region from where the owner Daniel comes from) and have been revisited with an Occidental touch.

A large choice of starters between €8 and €13. A large range of dishes for an affordable rate going from €22 for a “beef casserole with Chinese tofu and cabbage” to €9 for some “pork in red sauce and eggs” and desserts go from €8 to €11. The restaurant also provides a large variety of “steamed” specialties, many sides such as vegetables, risotto and fried rice.

Fondues are Dicoeur specialties and different options are available with meat, fish or vegetables and for a cost between €22 and €26 for the basic fondue with sliced beef and miao-marinated tomato soup.

Last but not least, a unique selection of wines made by the owner himself, Daniel, is available!

Practical information


45 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre
75009 Paris 9

Plats: €9 - €22

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