Les Fils à Maman Abbesses launches its participative lunches

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 21 February 2018 at 13h16 · Updated on 21 February 2018 at 13h50
In Abbesses, Les Fils à Maman squad offers very peculiar lunches since there are no prices! You give what you want… and they are held every Friday. But the house still offers its revisited and regressive menu.

Friday is priceless! A motto that suits the Les Fils à Maman Abbesses restaurant more than you think since – every Friday at lunchtime – the restaurant organizes an à la carte menu that costs nothing. You come, your order your meal, you have lunch and you give whatever you want (in euro of course) in return.

The menu is on the slate and displays no price: dish “like at home” and a dessert, you pay what you want, as simple as that! Regarding recipes, mothers treat us well: boeuf bourguignon, pasta gratin, blanquette de veau… On Fridays, one mom’s specialty is on the menu to keep things interesting. It’s even possible to send your own recipe on www.facebook.com/lesfilsamamanabbesses.

The experience aims at treating gourmet people and strop throwing away products. A unique dish is served to the one picking up this option and when there’s nothing left, the service stops, so there are no leftovers! On the contrary, we strongly advise you to finish your plate, but that shouldn’t be a problem… And the restaurant always offers a revisited and regressive cuisine: dishes from our childhood: casseroles and dishes with sauce, marrow bones, cordons bleus, soups, Babybel fritters… everything is homemade with seasonal products.

Les Fils à Maman AbbessesLes Fils à Maman AbbessesLes Fils à Maman AbbessesLes Fils à Maman Abbesses

The spot particularity is its unique brunch, “100% regressive” with Kellogs cereals, viennoiseries and Nutella to start with. We can then go for a plate of club sandwiches, a burger, a salad or a hearty steak. In terms of dessert, small homemade delicacies and cakes (cheesecakes, pancakes, yogurt with muesli and fruits…) are served according to your appetite.

We went for the plate of viennoiseries and Nutella, a club sandwich and Oncle Jesse’s plate (eggs to your liking, bacon, sausage, toasts and French fries) and a yogurt with muesli. The outcome: it’s hearty and very good. We feel like dishes are homemade, meats and eggs are perfectly cooked and to your liking. We really love the fries, not thick with a true potato taste, not too greasy, not too crispy. The muesli and yogurt are to die for.

And finally, every first Tuesday of the month, as the restaurant concept wants it (and you may already know it) mums are cooking, accompanied by the chef for a unique menu for everyone. A way to go back memory lane… Yum!

Practical information


6 Rue Aristide Bruant
75018 Paris 18

métro ligne 2 station Blanche, ligne 12 station Abbesses

dessert: 5€ €
entrée: 5€ €
plat: 11€ €
formule (entrée+plat+dessert): 19€ €

Recommended age
For all

Official website

More informations
Déjeuner participatif les vendredi de 12h à 14h30
restaurant ouvert tous les jours de la semaine de 19h30 à 22h30, le samedi de 12h à 14h30 et de 19h30 à 23h30
Brunch le dimanche de 12h à 16h

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