Brasserie Lola, a very fresh vegan spot

Brasserie Lola is a restaurant that looks like an ordinary brasserie. But the difference is that the menu is entirely vegan.

They say being vegan means making sacrifices. They say it means forgetting how great it feels to go to the restaurant with friends. They say it means forgetting how great it feels to have a sit on a terrace and freely choose your meal without asking thousands of questions about this or that meal to the waiter. In short, they say it means letting yourself get worked up. All this is now part of the past.

Brasserie Lola, un spot vegan tout en fraicheur
Brasserie Lola is one of these addresses that make clichés lie about vegans’ way of life. At first sight, it is totally ordinary: a wide space, a beautiful terrace and a cozy décor… Until the menu puts in doubt. Cesar salad, risotto and even hot dog… But don’t get it wrong! This restaurant may look like the others but actually, it’s a 100% vegan brasserie. Yes, it is!

Brasserie Lola, un spot vegan tout en fraicheur

The menu changes regularly but always promises flavors. Creative salads like the warm mixed salad? A tasty risotto? Or what about a burger? Oh! And a Wok? You’re likely to find all that in this one-of-a-kind brasserie. Because yes, being vegan doesn’t mean forgetting about culinary diversity. And this also works for dessert with the delicious tarte tatin or the apple pie that almost tastes as good as your grandmother’s!

Brasserie Lola, un spot vegan tout en fraicheur
Who says brasserie also says cocktails. And you know what? Here, you’ll find as much creativity in drinks as in dishes! An example? The Homemade Raspberry Sorbet, Raspberry Seeds and Vodka that looks as good as it tastes! And if you’re more into soft drink, you can have a fresh juice squeezed on order and even a very tasty and vegan cappuccino.

Brasserie Lola, un spot vegan tout en fraicheur 

So, what are you waiting for?

Practical information:
Brasserie Lola
Open from Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to midnight
Closed on Sunday
99, rue du Théâtre, 75015 Paris

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 4 September 2017

Practical information


99 Rue du Théâtre
75015 Paris 15

Métro Avenue Émile-Zola (ligne 10)

Menu Entrée + Plat ou Plat + Dessert: 17 €
Entrée + Plat + Dessert: 22 €

Official website

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