L’Escudella in Paris: a modern but sophisticated cuisine

It’s been two years since Maître-Restaurateur Chef Jérôme Laurent and former Top Chef contestant Paul-Arthur Berlan have been fulfilling the taste buds of the inhabitants of Paris 7th arrondissement thanks to their restaurant, L’Escudella.

To better understand the name of this eatery, we have to go to the south of France and more precisely in Occitania. This is where chef Paul-Arthur Berlan comes from.

In his original cultural language, this means “the plate”, L’Escudella was created in 2015 under the initiative of chef Jérôme Laurent and his associate Paul-Arthur Berlan who’s been a Top Chef France participant in 2011.

Together, the two chefs imagined the restaurant menu, a cuisine modern, sophisticated and very esthetically pleasing.

In terms of very fresh ingredients, chef Jérôme Laurent, a Maître-Restaurateur, leaves nothing to chance and chooses them thoroughly and prior to cook homemade dishes that change and evolve every week according to the suppliers, the seasons and the weather as well.

L'Escudella à Paris : entre cuisine moderne et sophistiquée

In addition to a mouthwatering menu, the place aspires to well-being. Warm colors, incandescent lamps and wooden tables give the place a very beautiful modern and welcoming decoration.

Warm and welcoming, just like L’Escudella team that ensures a perfect service with an impeccable smile!

But let’s talk about the savoring and more precisely about the appetizers enhanced by beautiful stagings. Tuna tartare with celery and tomatoes topped with a seawater foam or a puffed rice paper with its garlic mayonnaise, thin Iberian ham slices and green tomatoes confit. It’s simply delicious!

L'Escudella à Paris : mise en boucheAppetizers 

Then, we have the starters. Among the 7 available starters, we chose the delicious jumbo shrimp and candied lemon raviolis, juice foam chilled with lemongrass.

L'Escudella à Paris : ravioles de langoustinesJumbo shrimp raviolis

I went for the soft-boiled free-range egg served with its horns of plenty and tiny croutons, so good!

The chef also offers a very refreshing green tomatoes gazpacho with its green juice sorbet and green fruity olive oil.

For the mains, 6 options are available including the chef’s signature meal: the sucking lamb from Poitou and in two courses, that has been ordered a lot that night. It’s made of a first course with candied shoulder of lamb, juice and raw foie gras. For the second service, a middle-cooked rack of lamb with crispy panoufle (the layer of fat on the racks) and eggplants.

L'Escudella à Paris : l'Agneau de lait du Poitou en deux servicesLamb in two services with the candied shoulder raviolis

As for me, I chose the line-caught hake stuffed with herbs and perfectly cooked, served with a white carrot mousseline in its dish and a juice cut with oil.

Finally, for desserts, if the chocolate and salted-butter caramel rocher and its Gianduja ice cream eyes me up, I finally go for the chef’s other signature: a Paris-Carcassonne. This revisited Paris-Brest is simply exquisite with its extremely light and gourmet praline cream!

L'Escudella à Paris : Paris-CarcassonneThe Paris-Carcassonne

Here, no set menu, but à la carte rates, from €9 to €16 for a starter, between €23 to €29 for a main course and from €9 to €11 for a dessert. Yet, L’Escudella has a Carte Blanche Menu (€46) in five courses for the whole table only.

Practical information:
41 Avenue de Ségur, 75007 Paris
Open from Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Caroline J.
Last updated on 9 September 2017

Practical information


43 Avenue de Ségur
75007 Paris 7

M° Saint-François Xavier

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