Yeeels Restaurant

Let’s go Avenue George V for having lunch or dinner at restaurant-bar Yeels. A trendy place unveiling super cocktails as well as a tasty, simple and seasonal cuisine.

Yeeels is known for featuring a very wide basement housing a luminous bar and super flashy and cozy spaces to spend a pleasant evening listening to music with friends. Have you heard of the chef’s cuisines? Yes, Yeeels is not only the best place for a night out but also a delicious restaurant where you can treat yourself.

Don’t be intimidated by the chic and smart place, a bit bling-bling, come and sit back for lunch. Despite the neighborhood, the restaurant is rather affordable and the menu is based on fresh and seasonal ingredients to meet the neighborhood’s demanding nature.

Yeeels Paris Restaurant

At lunchtime, you can choose to stay inside and be cozy or enjoy the sun on the terrace. In the evening, go downstairs to enjoy the large tables and the effusive atmosphere.

Yeeels Paris Restaurant

It the helm of the kitchen, young and dynamic chef Thomas Rossi offers a colorful, fresh and modern cuisine.

As a starter, let yourself be tempted by the excellent detox salad with an Asian twist. Salad, soy, fennel, edamame, Thai basil, cilantro and sesame, the whole enhanced with an excellent savory and sweet sauce, we love it! Sweet and sour at the same time, the tuna tartare with pine kernels and a kiwi-wasabi vinaigrette will make your taste buds burst with joy.

Yeeels Paris Restaurant

Yeeels Paris Restaurant

In terms of main course, we succumbed to the asparagus risotto, crispy and smooth. Unless the salmon à la plancha, the pollock with beurre blanc, or what about the beef tartare?

Yeeels Paris Restaurant

Let’s talk about desserts, the sweet toothed eaters will go for the Désir au chocolat. An intense cream flavored with Taïnori 64%, a beautiful chocolate mousse and crispy pearls, treat yourself. Needing something fresh? Pavlova and raspberry cream cake are all yours. A light biscuit, genuine fresh raspberries, yum!

Yeeels Paris Restaurant

In short, if you are in the Triangle d’Or neighborhood, enjoy your lunch. Of course, the menu changes according to seasons to always offer fresh products and homemade meals.

Practical information:
Yeeels restaurant 
Address: 24 Avenue Georges V, 75008 Paris
Online reservations
Phone: +33 (0)1 42 88 75 75
Lunch menu: €25 for the set menu with starter + main course of main course + dessert or €30 for the menu with starter + main course + dessert

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Last updated on 12 September 2017

Practical information


24 Avenue George V
75008 Paris 8

entrée+plat ou plat+dessert: 25 €
entrée+plat+dessert: 30 €

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