Laelo: something good, something organic, something vegan!

Laelo is a brand-new organic eatery that has more than one string to its bow. Its biggest asset? Offering a vegan version of the most legendary meals.

In Paris, there is a new and very nice spot for which “vegan” is the watchword: Laelo. It gets even better, this restaurant is 100% organic! All in all, this is a gem.

Burger, beef bourguignon, couscous and even fish & chips. Laelo’s menu could raise some suspicions and yet all these meals are vegan, even the viennoiseries! A lovely surprise for vegan people feeling nostalgic for some dishes and for those the transition towards a cruelty-free lifestyle is difficult.

Laelo, restaurant Vegan à Paris 
A clean design with a country-style touch makes the place a true haven of peace. The branches decorating the walls are changed according to seasons, just like the menu. Because, in addition to offering vegan and organic dishes, Laelo has been created to respect for the environment, from the painting to the wood without forgetting the packaging. Here, we are eco-friendly or not. You can even come and buy bottles usable for three years and fill them with sparkling or still water.

Laelo, restaurant Vegan à Paris 
The brain behind the concept, Louaï Saleh. After working for 19 years behind the stove, the chef decided to join the vegan side of the force and managed to give vegan the good taste of a traditional cuisine back but with a cruelty-free version.

It ends up with vegan nuggets, fried chicken like at KFC but vegan, smoked salmon sandwich but vegan, you’ve understood it, we’re facing a true cuisine alchemist. Because he’s genuinely passionate, he managed to create a vegan fish & chips and the illusion could fool more than one. Served with a piña colada-like salad and fresh fries, the plate looks as beautiful as it tastes.

Laelo, restaurant Vegan à Paris

And why stopping there? What about offering juices and iced teas made on order? Really, they do that too? Yes, they do! Every day, the staff prepares various drinks and very fresh since they prepare them with a cold-juice extractor to preserve the taste of the fruits.

Laelo, restaurant Vegan à Paris

Alright and what about dessert? I can hear you, you sweet-toothed people, and we have good news for you. A nice range of pastries lay before your eyes and you know what? They are vegan – as you assume it – but not only: they also are gluten-free AND sugar-free! Cupcakes, brownies and much more, these are all for you! And for choco-addicts, you can even taste 100% vegan chocolate. Yes, even white chocolate!

Laelo, restaurant Vegan à Paris

So, what are you waiting for?

Practical information:
Open from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
63 rue du Faubourg Poissonière, 75009 Paris

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Last updated on 27 September 2017

Practical information


63 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière
75009 Paris 9

Métro Poissonnière (ligne 7)

salade: 11,5 €
plat: 13,5 €

Official website

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