Wim à Table: a creative, delicious and gastronomic bar at Paris Batignolles neighborhood

Published by Candice L. · Published on 29 September 2017 at 17h02
After “Comme Chez Maman”, Belgian chef Wim Van Gorp hits the Rue Des Moines in Paris 17th arrondissement by opening a new atypical, friendly restaurant full of flavors and pep! An address just like we like them and we’d like to keep for us, but at Sortiraparis we always share our good outing ideas.

If you like restaurants without fuss, where it feels good to meet with friends, drink wine or sip a cocktail whilst sharing delicious things to eat and without blowing out your budget… Well, this is the perfect address!

Wim à TableWim à TableWim à TableWim à Table

Wim à Table is Belgian chef Wim Van Gorp’s new restaurant with more than one string to its bow.
Indeed, the chef worked with the greatest houses and learned from the best chefs such as Alain Ducasse, Lucas Carton, Joël Robuchon, Jacques Borie in Japan and even Jean-Georges Vongeruchten with whom he worked in New York and in Europe.
Armed with this experience, Wim decides to open his first restaurant rue des Moines. He calls it “Comme Chez Maman” (Like at Mum’s) and offers the cuisine from our childhood, simple but oh-so delicious with an Asian twist, a continent dear to his heart.
This is how you can taste, for example, the grilled veal kidneys with a miso and ginger sauce!

Wim à TableWim à TableWim à TableWim à Table

This nonstandard chef is doing so well, why stop? Mid-September, he ended up opening this new address likely to be much written about: Wim à table!
The restaurant offers a bar gastronomy with small but creative and sophisticated portions so that patrons can add up flavors and pleasures. But careful, we’re not speaking of taps. Just small portions of meticulously cooked dishes and at very affordable prices!  

Wim à TableWim à TableWim à TableWim à TableThe “foie gras of death”

Fresh products and local suppliers are promoted in a menu changing according to the market and mostly to the chef’s inspiration. The menu offers 5 choices: raw, crispy, charcuterie, plancha, sweet.
To these choices are added 8 to 10 suggestions on the board that keep evolving and even during the service! But shush, this has to stay confidential.
The chef “wants that anyone coming to Wim à Table should be like a kid in a toy store, wanting to have everything”.
We can confirm it, we want everything!
If you don’t know how to choose any longer, you can still ask the lovely Romain to guide you through your choice.

Wim à TableWim à TableWim à TableWim à TableMini leeks, poached shrimps and ginger vinaigrette

The program of events features for example the crispy duck with Tamarin sauce (€5), the lamb samosas with cilantro yogurt (€6 for 2 pieces), cured ham (€6) or the “foie gras of death” (€8) that isn’t lacking in imagination!

We tasted the week’s suggestions like the deviled eggs with fresh herbs (€3), the mini leeks, poached shrimps to die for (€9). As well as the French ceps cooled off with vinaigrette and its sow ham (€9), yes, you read well. And a dish especially created for us, a celery risotto with asparagus and bacon our taste buds still remember.

Wim à TableWim à TableWim à TableWim à TableThe chef’s improvised dish: celery risotto with green asparagus and bacon

To finish in a blaze of glory with the Super Choco (€6), a 65% chocolate mousse I’m sure you’ll like.
Products are fine, very well cooked with an always surprising but perfect seasoning!

Wim à TableThee Super Choco

To go along with these delicious meals, a superb wine list offers only organic wines. Glasses go from €4 to €9 and bottles from €20 to €100.
If you’re fond of cocktails, you can discover some surprising gems like the signature Rhum Tamarin at €12. Without forgetting Wim’s beer!

Wim à Table : gastronomie de bar de grande qualité aux BatignollesWim à Table : gastronomie de bar de grande qualité aux BatignollesWim à Table : gastronomie de bar de grande qualité aux BatignollesWim à Table : gastronomie de bar de grande qualité aux BatignollesCopyright : Lucas Muller

Because it should not deny itself, the place is also very pleasant. Exposed stones and raw materials perfectly go along. Special mention to the wall fresco created by artist Joann Sfar celebrating good life and good food.

Wim à TableWim à TableWim à TableWim à Table

Just like the daily quote at the entrance of the restaurant.
Around the central table looking like a standing table, seated at the bar or around a table… The choice is yours, pick the place you like most to spend a delightful moment!

Wim à Table is one of the addresses we find ourselves in to spend a moment of sharing and of conviviality around delicious portions to share while sipping a good glass of wine and wanting to make the world a better place.

Practical information:
Wim à Table (website in French)
45, rue des Moines – 75017 Paris
Open from Monday to Friday, from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m.
On Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Practical information


45 Rue des Moines
75017 Paris 17

M° Brochant

Portions: €3 - €9
Le verre de vin: €4 - €9
Le cocktail: €12

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