Mr. T, Le Marais delicious restaurant has reopened

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 20 August 2020 at 14h33
Mr.T is back to delight our taste buds with highly creative and tasty dishes. To enjoy indoors or on the terrace!

There are discoveries that become favorites. Mr. T is part of these addresses shining a new light on food, to the point of making you fall in love with some flavors thanks to dishes both gourmet, sophisticated, and creative.

Mr. T is THE trendy and indulging restaurant in Le Marais. Behind this restaurant open in 2017: three associates: Guillaume, Enguerrand Cantegrel, and chef Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, aka Mr.T.

Enguerrand and Tsuyoshi met long ago, when they were both working for Passage 53. After a few years there, the two friends multiply experiences in New York for Tsuyoshi, then in hotel trade for Enguerrand, but they do not forget their promise to open a restaurant together some day.

This is how the two sidekicks have met to create a very beautiful Parisian table simply and beautifully called Mr. T.

Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019

To welcome gastronomes, Enguerrand and Tsuyoshi bet on a brand-new layout, both welcoming, chic, and a bit bling – understand the golden curtain in the back of the restaurant Beyonce would love!

And then, thanks the open-plan kitchen, we can watch the chef, at the stoves, cooking up dishes. We can already smell mouthwatering flavors and we are getting some clues about the menu.

Speaking of the menu, there is a lunch set-menu available for a very soft price: €28. As for dinner, Mr. T provides you with a genuine culinary travel with a brand-new tasting menu in 5 courses (and little surprises as a bonus!) that is a winner.

Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019

For lunch, we decide to trust Mr. T team and we go for the signature dishes highly coveted by foodies.

We order the veggie gyozas eggroll style served with sweet chili cream, beautiful green and spicy dumplings hidden in greenery; as for the Mac&Cheese, a wonder of indulgence that goes, before our eyes, under the blowtorch until it gets a mouthwatering golden and cheesy crust.

Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019

Because at Mr. T, show is part of your meal. You only have to choose on the menu the lamb’s shoulder kebab to be sure of it. This delicious starter is coming on the table in a genuine and smoking kebab box.

Once the box open, a strong smell of smoked rosemary filters the air, up to our nostrils. Feast for the eyes and for the noses, this starter is an absolute delight for our taste buds with perfectly balanced flavored and meat cooked.

 Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019

Choosing main courses is really hard, because whether you are meat eaters, fish eaters, or even vegetarians, you will find your happiness.

Once again, we let the restaurant team guide us as they recommend two major dishes on the menu: one on side, the burnt mackerel, roasted lemon and horseradish sauce, a beautiful surprise; on the other side, the famous Black Smoky Burger that is also blowtorched. And to be smoked, it is smoked, with beautiful pieces of lard and reduction of burnt eggplants, spread under the top layer of this surprising vegetable charcoal black bun.

Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019

Last but not least, moving on to dessert – as we had to finish on a sweet note – we go for something light with the deconstructed cheesecake with grapefruit segments, yogurt emulsion, and fresh goat’s cheese cream. Calling all lovers of surprising flavors!

Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019

To pair dishes, Mr. T bets on cocktails changing every month, as well as the food menu. There are 3 long drinks, and 3 short drinks. We recommend the Mexican Mule with tequila Vecindad infused on site with pineapple and cilantro. Yes, Mr. T makes everything at home, from syrups to infusions!

Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019Mr T - 2019

In other words, you get it, Mr. T managed to surprise and seduce us because of its conviviality, creativeness, and dishes to die for. Here is our advice: run there!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 29 June 2020



    38 Rue de Saintonge
    75003 Paris 3

    Cocktails: €12 - €13
    Menu dejeuner, entree+plat ou plat+dessert: €28
    Menu dégustation en 5 services: €69

    Official website


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