Le Gurü, the new gourmet bistro in Paris

Published by Clémentine V. · Photos by Clémentine V. · Updated on 26 October 2017 at 17h01 · Published on 25 October 2017 at 07h19
Flawlessly plated dishes, thoroughly thought menu and several but oh-so original cocktails, here’s the winning trio of Le Gurü. This new restaurant opened this past June in a small public square of the 11th arrondissement.

Le Gurü sunny terrace eyed us up since its opening this past June. This week, we finally pushed the door of this new restaurant to make you discover what hides in it… And we must say, it hasn’t failed us at all!

Seated in a room with soft light, we browse through the menu. The €9-cocktails are more tantalizing than the last. We finally go for a Samus Sling and a Qwatto’s Liquor, two cocktails with gins that are as good looking as good tasting with the little something that makes the difference: a light smoke can be seen and it almost looks like a magic potion!


Once we sipped these beverages, we continue with a sea bream carpaccio with mango (€7.5), followed by a duck breast perfectly cooked and a gurnard fillet and its cilantro butter (€16 and €16.5). We go into raptures when we see how edible flowers are plated, we lick our lips, we enjoy ourselves, we ask for more! We end on a coffee with gourmet desserts that, we must say, wasn’t at the same level as the previous dishes. Yet, the warm welcome of Le Gurü and its bistronomic cuisine with Asian twists made us more than happy.


Behind Le Gurü, there are two mates. Two guys that are friends, almost like brothers. Coming from the restaurant industry and after working in various eateries and traditional bars dressed in a suite and wearing a long face, the two friends decided to take the opposing view to it. “What we like most is to make people like what we cook!” one of them told us. In short, you’ve got it, at Le Gurü we eat well, we drink well and first and foremost we’re here to spend some quality time.

Le Gurü is at the beginning of a nice adventure unlikely to stop now since the two partners in crime planned to open a bar not far from their restaurant to end the night. To be continued…

Practical information:
Le Gurü
16 rue Deguerry, 75011 Paris
Open every day at lunchtime and dinnertime
+33 (0)1 48 07 44 43
Lunch menu: €18.5
Cocktail: €9
Board to share: €16
Dish: from €15 to €18

Practical information


16 Rue Deguerry
75011 Paris 11

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