Mr Culbuto, the bistrot that shakes up Rue des Pyrénées

Mr Culbuto is one of these places we quickly notice in a neighborhood: brick walls that blend in with the local culture, a crowded terrace, a room rocked by a DJ and a foosball table, Mr Culbuto brings a new breath of life to Rue des Pyrénées. Trying it is adopting it!

Bistrot Mr Culbuto is a family story, the one of the Selloums’, a family of restaurant owners set in the neighborhood since 1976 and known for Hôtel Comète, Rigoles or Folies Belleville, in Rue des Pyrénées, Selloums fell in love with the building next to Gymnase des Pyrénées, a Turkish restaurant covering 140-sqm and left by the owner discovered by an acquaintance.

It’s decided, they take over the business to make it a major address in the area. Helped by indoor architect Laurent Moreau, Mr Culbuto emerges with a rocking identity: tapestries on the walls and ceiling lights from the 20’s, Mr Culbuto rocks the Parisian environment with copper, burnished and gilded colors.

Mr Culbuto, le bistrot qui réveille la rue des Pyrénées

Open all day long, the brasserie welcomes the locals with a breakfast on the terrace, a dinner with friends around the foosball table, always homemade or with a cocktail on the counter set at the heart of its multi-faceted place.

At Mr Culbuto, the cuisine is managed by a young autodidact chef Alexandre Marchon, at the origin of a short seasonal menu with quality, affordable and original products.

Mr Culbuto, le bistrot qui réveille la rue des Pyrénées

Mr Culbuto, le bistrot qui réveille la rue des Pyrénées

Thai beef tartare, a delicious soup with mozzarella cream to accompany with delicious wines found by the team or bold cocktails, such as the “V for Vendetta” made of lemony vodka, yellow lemon and chestnut.

Since its opening in July, Mr Culbuto really convinced the area. If you’ve never done it before, push the door, enter and relax and before you even know it, you’ll be living at Mr Culbuto!

Practical information:
Mr Culbuto, bistrot rue des Pyrénées
Address: 294 rue des Pyrénées – 75002 Paris
Opening hours: every day from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Elodie D.
Last updated on 30 January 2018

Practical information


294 Rue des Pyrénées
75020 Paris 20

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