Pancake Sisters opens a new spot in Paris Voltaire neighborhood

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Published by Laurent P. · Photos by Laurent P. · Updated on 7 February 2018 at 18h24 · Published on 7 February 2018 at 18h10
Pancake Sisters, the canteen dedicated to pancakes and pancakes only has just opened a second restaurant in the French capital. A second spot located in Bastille a neighborhood undergoing changes.

Pancake lovers will be over the moon… The reason? Pancake Sisters opens a second spot in Paris, precisely at Bastille, rue de Popincourt. A new place where sweet-toothed people will fulfill their savor or sweet cravings with pancakes they can customize and served with all kind of sauces. Can you feel your mouth watering?

Cooked on plate or artisanal, these sweet treats are to be enjoyed at breakfast, afternoon break and can offer 1001 flavors… But, always with quality ingredients! At Pancake Sisters, they chose 100% organic products (eggs, cow milk and flour) or products coming from sustainable agriculture. It’s even possible to request gluten-free and lactose-free dishes.

Pancake SistersPancake SistersPancake SistersPancake Sisters

If you choose savory pancakes, you’ll get two pancakes, like a sandwich: it’s the Panster. They change according to the chefs’ inspiration and serve as a base for the three recipes, fish, meat and vegan. The editorial board tasted the last two versions: whether they are vegan or meat-based, the two dishes are quite light and rather well-balanced.
The seasoning is good with pancakes based on garlic and parsley that gives some peps to the whole, but without covering the original taste. Its carnivorous verions, "Madame" version (with a fried egg on the top) is as delicious. We also advise you the (true) soup of the day, that tastes like our mothers'.

Speaking of sweet pancakes, there are the classics such as the Carrot Pancake (three pancakes served like a Carrot Cake) or the Choco Tornado (with chocolate chunks, Nocciolato chocolate spread, banana pieces and whipped cream). You can even customize your pancake with toppings and extra (fresh fruits, caramel, maple syrup, homemade whipped cream, etc.), the whole is served with a Chai, a matcha latte or a basic coffee. And from now on, everyday is brunch day!

Pancake SistersPancake SistersPancake SistersPancake Sisters

Healthy and balances compositions, for those who pay close attention to their figure or those who want to eat healthy, or sweeter for the most gourmet of you. And a welcome that is always friendly, in a pastel-colored canteen for a true sweet moment in this cocoon between two runs in the metro. And, have I told you that the Wi-Fi is free?

(Credits: @ Pancake Sisters)

Practical information


8 Rue Popincourt
75011 Paris 11

Métro ligne 1 station "Bastille", ligne 9 station "Charonne"

Menu Panster: €8
Menu healthy: €12
Menu Panster: €12
Menu Panster: €15
Brunch semaine: €19.5
Brunch weekend: €23.5

Recommended age
For all

Official website

More informations
Ouvert du mercredi au vendredi de 9h30 à 18h30, le samedi et le dimanche de 11h à 18h30

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