Les Jardins de Joséphine, the hidden restaurant of La Grande Arche in La Défense

It may be the most hidden restaurant in La Défense. Les Jardins de Joésphine, Jean-Christian Dumonet’s second restaurant is impossible to find from down the street. And for good reason, the restaurant is perched 360ft above the ground, on the Rooftop of La Défense Grande Arche. The only way to join it is to climb using a glass lift with a view over Paris, let’s go reach the 35th floor.

Who never dreamt of going inside La Défense Grande Arche? Since June 2017, Puteaux iconic building has decided to open its rooftop to the general public, a rooftop closed for many years. A new youth that brings a new breath of life to the very “business-y” area of La Défense!

To reach the 35th floor without disturbing the many offices, vertiginous lifts await. A wonderful introduction that will surprise your guests!

Discover the Grande Arche rooftop now:

Ice skating rink, farm, guinguette days, art galleries, City One 11 team (the owner of La Grande Arche rooftop) has lots of ideas for the rooftop and the craziest of them is maybe the installation of a secret gastronomic restaurant on the top floor of La Grande Arche.

For this project, the teams thought about Jean-Christian Dumonet, Joséphine restaurant manager in Paris 6th arrondissement, for a 50-cover bistronomic restaurant. This is how was born Les Jardins de Joséphine, a nod to his first Joséphine restaurant, a restaurant that takes over the great success of its eldest.

Les Jardins de Joséphine

At Les Jardins de Joséphine, we find an elegant yet simple menu with 6 starters, 6 main courses and 6 desserts for the same price (€14-€32-€10), as well as a set lunch menu for €50. And what to say about it, if that’s the Cornelian choice promises us a feast.

Langoustine ravioli with two celeries, served with their bisque. Red kuri squash and pulled jackrabbit stew. Soft-boiled egg, cod brandade and garlic emulsion followed by a two-way squab and artichokes. Pan-fried scallops, pad choi cabbage and meat juice or the beef-carrot served with wild rice, the menu mesmerizes us!

For the choice is hard, we seek advice by asking the master of the place: “you have to taste the homemade foie gras, cooked with a port jelly, delicious” … (we didn’t think about it, but let’s go for it!). In the dining room, tables are enough apart from one another to appreciate the raw concrete Tower architecture.

Les Jardins de Joséphine

Les Jardins de Joséphine

Starters are coming, very well plated, and we approve the flavors and the quantities (we often complain about not enough generous plates). The soft-boiled egg is very delicious, while the foie gras is perfectly worked with the port jelly!

For the rest, the squab is served with its two-way artichokes and its purée casserole promise a feast as soon as it arrives, while the pan-fried scallops, pad choi cabbage and meat juice delights the non-starving bellies with its tantalizing smell.

Les Jardins de Joséphine

Les Jardins de Joséphine

2 p.m., plates are empty, and we wonder about the dessert. Are we gonna wait for 15 minutes, the time to get THE signature soufflé? Okay, we go for it and while we’re at it, we order the Mille-Feuille Jean-Louis (if the chef gives his name to his dish, it means he’s proud of it).

Les Jardins de Joséphine

If the restaurant is really good, there are two small flaws: the restaurant is open for lunch only AND lacks a beautiful view. If it’s really beautiful, the view is an element we hope we get when we eat in the air. Never mind, a few steps to climb and we are on Grand Paris Roofs

Réouverture du toit de la Grande Arche de La Défense

Well, here’s a restaurant including a digestive ride, we approve!

Elodie D.
Last updated on 31 January 2018

Practical information


1 Parvis de la Défense
92800 Puteaux

M°1, T2 ou RER A La Défense Grande Arche

desserts: 10 €
entrées: 14 €
plats: 32 €
menu : 50 €

Recommended age
From 25 years old

Average duration
2 h

Official website

More information
Horaires : 12h-14h30 en semaine et 12h-15h30 le week-end
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