Dochilak, the new Korean restaurant in Paris Montparnasse neighborhood

The lovely restaurant highlighting bibimbaps and other bento-like Korean specialties, Dochilak opens a new address in the Montparnasse neighborhood. This is the occasion to pop there and try this typical dish full of vegetables and condiments, so, treat yourself!

We are regularly told to eat a varied diet. Dochilak offers you complete, healthy and balanced menus, what else? And then, if it’s good, it’s a perfect score!

So, after opening restaurants in the Batignolles and the Opera neighborhoods, here’s that Dochilak opens its new canteen in Montparnasse, 15 rue Littré.

When coming in, we discover a light and welcoming spot. Facing the door, a counter is here so that we can order. We then leave and have a seat while waiting for the food.

Dochilak Montparnasse, la cantine coréenne - Les photos

We can choose à la carte dishes or the very complete menus. The Menu Dochilak offers you to combine a soup of the day, a starter among 4 (shrimp raviolis, sautéed beef, vegetables and vermicelli, plain tofu with soy sauce or caramelized chicken wings) and a main course among 16 choices. Grilled pork, grilled squid, kimchi and pork stew, beef ribs or beef, pork, chicken, seafood, tofu or vegetable bibimbap, the choice is yours.

Dochilak Montparnasse, la cantine coréenne - Les photos

Dochilak Montparnasse, la cantine coréenne - Les photos

Dochilak Montparnasse, la cantine coréenne - Les photos

Please note that each dish is served with white rice or cereal rice (legumes), 4 condiments are also served with the dishes (kimchi, lotus, broccoli, tofu, fry-up…). On the spot, bibimbap is served in a warm stone bowl to preserve the heat of the dish. We love the contrast between the hot dish and the sautéed or marinated vegetables and the variety of condiments that bring some peps to the whole.

Dochilak Montparnasse, la cantine coréenne - Les photos

As for it, the new Bibimbap menu allows you have a soup, a starter which actually is a mini version of an à la carte dish and a bibimbap of your choice. The Royal Bibimbap offers a dessert to finish on a sweet and glorious note. These menus give you the opportunity to try other typical dishes while enjoying your regular bibimbap.

Dochilak Montparnasse, la cantine coréenne - Les photos

Speaking of dessert, that day, we went for a chestnut cream mousse and the lemon cheesecake. Fresh and light, we finish on a sweet and soft note.

In short, how about a tasty and balanced canteen?

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Last updated on 30 January 2018

Practical information


15 Rue Littré
75006 Paris 6

Menu Dochilak: 13 €
Menu Dégustation: 15 €
Menu Dégustation Royal: 19 €

Official website

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