Lumen: a gastronomic gem with multicultural influences in Paris

Near Eglise Saint Roch, Lumen restaurant is one of these small addresses that are really surprising! Intimate setting, lovely and romantic terrace for when it’s sunny and most of all, a very high-quality gastronomic cuisine worthy of a Michelin star. Tried and approved!

First of all, Lumen is a family story suffused with multicultural influences.
At the origin of this restaurant, Herman and Alexandre Bal, from Armenian origins born in Istanbul, and joined by other family members, and most of all, by a Japanese chef who deeply enjoys European and Italian cuisines.

Rue des Pyramides, between the Opéra and the Louvre, it’s hard not to notice the delightful glass walls that offers a beautiful view on the flowered steps of the church, housing a restaurant with a delicate decoration and quiet atmosphere, that gladly leaves the fuss away and makes you feel like at home.
We love the distance between each table, allowing you then to have an intimate chat and the discreet presence of the oh-so friendly staff, managed by an iron hand in a velvet glove by the lovely Steven Bernot, the restaurant manager, who is always taking great care of us.

Restaurant Lumen : cadre intimiste et cuisine gastronomique

Once settled, we discover the menu that’s already tantalizing. Running the kitchen, Japanese chef Akira Sugiura studied at Tokyo Tsuji Chou National Cooking School, and then traveled to Europe to discover and fall for French and Italian cuisines.
After training alongside top chefs, he dares to launch his own cuisine, that makes the link between the different products and flavors he discovered during his trips.
The outcome is as flavorful as surprising!
He dares blends that shake up our taste buds by always taking care that each product has its spot and is not crushed by another one. And we must say, that’s a success!

If you want to travel with the chef, don’t miss the 6-course Carte Blanche menu (€75) and let yourself be carried away by the inspiration of the latter.
We’ve had the chance to go with him and it was worth the trip…

    Pan-fried foie gras, roasted leeks and crusty rice, Dashi broth

On the menu that night, we enjoyed

Glass of Prosecco “Rustico” Nino Franco
Jerusalem artichoke soup
Mackerel tartare, tomato and red shiso consommé jelly
Crispy duck foie gras bonbon, taleggio, apple chutney and black tea powder
First starter
Pan-fried scallop, lemon-flavored zabaglione and walnut pesto
Second starter
Pan-fried duck foie gras, roasted leeks and crusty rice, Dashi broth
Homemade fresh pasta specialty
Spaghetti with lobster alla Trapanese, pistachios and tomatoes
Selected meat
Duck fillet from Challans and black garlic purée, marsala sauce with Truffle from Bourgogne
Grenadine and passion fruit granita
Sheep cheese mousse, mango marmalade and chestnut biscuit
Smooth guanaja chocolate cake, cocoa biscuit and white chocolate mousse


    Pan-fried scallop, lemon-flavored zabaglione and walnut pesto

Way too much, you would tell! Imagine that everything is easy to eat because served in reasonable portion and what a finesse!
You can ask the lovely female sommelier who comes from Serbia to advise you on the wine that pairs best with these delicious dishes.

If you’re not adventurous but a sweet-tooth, don’t worry, there isn’t just the Carte Blanche menu.
You can go for the 4-course Discovering menu (€58) and opt for the food and wine pairing (€110).
Or you can simply choose à la carte and for example enjoy the lobster tartare, cauliflower & coconut, mango & Neuvic caviar (€24) or the taglioni, smoked royal sea bream, Kalamata olives, shiso, bottarga (€24) or the selected meat and its side of the day (€34), and finish on the roasted pear, Kalios honey, almond (€14), or the chestnut, tangerine and marmalade (€12).
Careful though, the Carte Blanche and Discovering menus are served at dinnertime only, from Tuesday to Saturday.


Duck fillet from Challans and black garlic purée, marsala sauce with Truffle from Bourgogne

At lunchtime, the menu is quite altered.

You have two set menus:

  • Starter + Pasta or Pasta + Dessert: €28
  • Starter + Pasta + Dessert: €32

But, on the à la carte menu, you have the Kadaif burrata and Pappa al Pomodoro with basil (€16), the raw vegetables from the market plate with Japanese black garlic and miso sauce (€18). Next, varied pasta specialties or the meat or fish of the day. Then, the desserts such as the almond in all its states (€10), the Chestnut and redcurrant semifreddo (€12) or the sweet chocolate and hazelnut (€12).


Smooth guanaja chocolate cake, cocoa biscuit and white chocolate mousse

Lumen is part of these restaurant that are as striking as surprising!
As much in the place with this explosion of very subtle and surprising flavors as in the very lovely setting and the friendly staff.
We look forward to going back there as soon as sunny days are back to enjoy the lovely terrace.
We deeply fell in love with this restaurant and we won’t be surprise if it will soon win a Michelin star…

Practical information:
15 rue des Pyramides – 75001 Paris
+33 (0)1 44 50 77 07
Lunchtime menu from Monday to Friday
A la carte dishes on Saturday lunch with starter + Pasta or pasta + dessert – €28
Starter + Pasta + Dessert – €32
Dinnertime menu from Tuesday to Saturday
6-course Carte Blanche menu: €75
4-course Discovering menu: €58 and food-wine pairing (€110)
The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Candice L.
Last updated on 2 February 2018

Practical information


15 Rue des Pyramides
75001 Paris 1

M° Pyramides

Menu Déjeuner avec entrée + pâtes ou pâtes + dessert: 28 €
Menu Déjeuner avec entrée + pâtes + dessert: 32 €
Menu Découverte en 4 services: 58 €
Menu Carte Blanche en 6 services: 75 €

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