Dim Sum Bowls are coming at Yoom!

Yoom Dim Sum, this brand of dumplings that perfectly manages to blend Asian flavors and occidental inspirations, innovates one more time by offering you delicious and healthy Dim Sum Bowls!

Yoom Dim Sum is always on the look for new recipes to amaze us.
This brand – that now has several locations in Paris – offers Dim Sum (stuffed dumplings) but with an occidental twist.
The result is as surprising as delicious!

Between Candlemas and Easter, Yoom Dim Sum thinks about our figure and adds the irresistible power bowls on its menu, these very healthy bowls are available dim sum style. You have the base with Chinese cabbage or quinoa + a mix of raw and steamed veggies + dim sum for proteins + leguminous plants + exotic sauces.

2 recipes are available

  • Quinoa, shrimp dim sum and “macanaise” or curry sauce
  • Chinese cabbage, chicken and sate dim sum and Thai peanut-lime sauce

Les Dim Sum Bowl arrivent chez Yoom  

Copyright: Géraldine Martens

At €14 they promise a delicious and balanced meal.
To be discovered and enjoyed from Monday to Friday at lunchtime at one of these 3 addresses

  • Yoom – 5 rue Grégoire de Tours, Paris 6th arrondissement
  • Yoom – 20 rue des Martyrs, Paris 9th arrondissement
  • Yoom – 59 rue des Dames – Paris 17th arrondissement
Candice L.
Last updated on 8 February 2018

Practical information

14 €

More information
Du lundi au vendredi midi
. Yoom - 5 rue Grégoire de Tours, Paris 6
. Yoom - 20 rue des Martyrs, Paris 9
. Yoom – 59 rue des Dames, Paris 17

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