Le Petit Commines: Monsieur Papounet’s bistronomic restaurant in Paris

A warm and friendly welcome, a menu on the black board, a quiz to discover which whine will accompany your meal and homemade dishes that are creative and sophisticated! Here’s what to expect when you go to restaurant Le Petit Commines, nestled in Paris 3rd arrondissement.

If the quality of a cooking is important in a restaurant, the service is as much important. And this is something that Le Petit Commines gets well. Open in September 2016, in the middle of Paris 3rd arrondissement, between Oberkampf and Richard Lenoir, this Maître Restaurateur restaurant may now be cited by way of example. Also, it’s highly advised to book two days before in the week and three days before for having dinner in the weekend! That evening, the dinning room was crowded out.

Behind the stove of this bistronomic restaurant, we find chef Flavien Carucci aka Monsieur Papounet. After working at Le Bristol, Prince de Galles and Cantine du Troquet by Chef Etchebest, for his restaurant, the chef came up with an inventive, sophisticated and gourmet cuisine of which homemade dishes are always evolving according to deliveries. It’s why, the menu is to be discovered on several black boards scattered across the room.

One of the strong assets of Le Petit Commines is indisputably the quality of its service. Each table enjoys an attentive service carried out by a smiling, available and friendly team. The waiter doesn’t think twice to take a few minutes and stand by our side and explains us the composition of each dish.

Le Petit Commines : le restaurant bistronomique de Monsieur Papounet

When it comes to choosing the wine, we go for another step with a game with 5 or 6 questions-answers that will determine the vintage that will pair your meal. Are you more into “a walk in the woods, a horse race in a stud farm, gardening with your hands in the mud or a spicy Thai restaurant…”? And if the wine isn’t what you like, you can change it! As for us, the waiter made no mistake and bet on an excellent AOC Costières de Nîmes, Château Vessières, 2015… Please note that references come from small French wine growers.

But let’s go back to the menu with 6 starters, 5 main courses and 5 desserts. In terms of starters, there is something for everyone, and that night, an eggplant and walnut caviar, three fishes and orange rillettes and the “Maison de l’escargot” [Snail’s house] based on snails obviously as well as… edible snail shells!

As for me, I go for the tantalizing plate with white asparagus slices delicately set on deviled eggs and enhanced by a light and delicious saffron cream (€16).

Le Petit Commines : le restaurant bistronomique de Monsieur PapounetWhite asparagus, deviled eggs and saffron cream

My partner in crime goes for the famous and delicious Papounet’s terrine cooked for 48 hours with Port and Cognac (€16).

Le Petit Commines : le restaurant bistronomique de Monsieur PapounetPapounet’s terrine

Next, while vegetarians may choose the Jardin Printanier des Papounets [Papounets’ Spring Garden], I let myself be seduced by the delicious wild lean meat slab and its balsamic sauce and virgin exotic sauce blend served with vegetables dices that invite to a genuine trip (€36).

Le Petit Commines : le restaurant bistronomique de Monsieur PapounetWild lean meat slab

Across the table, it’s time for the beef cheek and chuck steak cooked in an original way with a sauce based on beer, honey and mustard (€25).

Le Petit Commines : le restaurant bistronomique de Monsieur PapounetBeef cheek and chuck steak

The only flaw, the quantities in the plates could be more generous. So, we fall back on the large choice of sides: spinach, baby potatoes and a delicious cauliflower purée.

Finally, for the sweet touch, Monsieur Papounet plays the mystery card by allowing doubt about the composition of the desserts… For example, there are the Crumble des Papounets [Papounets’ Crumble] and the Amers s’adoucissent [Bitters go sweet] …

I go for the surprising and gourmet version of the “Tellement Bon” [So Good] (€14). Let’s say it, it only took me one bite to be completely under the spell of this dessert made of a sweet shortcrust pastry topped with a chocolate and caramel ganache, a delicious salted butter caramel heart, and a white chocolate mousse. You really can’t resist this dessert especially if you’re addicted to cocoa, like I am!

Le Petit Commines : le restaurant bistronomique de Monsieur PapounetTellement Bon

In front of me, it’s all about other flavors and another sweet treat with the Banane Mystique du Chef [the Chef’s mystic banana] with poached pineapple, basil syrup, chlorophyll and basil whipped cream, crispy orange and sesame biscuits and a banana and lemon purée (€14).

Le Petit Commines : le restaurant bistronomique de Monsieur PapounetBanane Mystique du Chef

In light of the crowded room that night, we can say one thing for sure: it’s a quality restaurant which reputation – made out of words of mouth – doesn’t need to be proven and is likely to surprise us for a while!

Please note that the restaurant Facebook Page organizes – from time to time – game contests to win a dinner for two at the restaurant so, a piece of advice, keep your eyes open!

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume with moderation.

Caroline J.
Last updated on 9 April 2018

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16 Rue Commines
75003 Paris 3

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Ouvert du lundi au dimanche de 19h à 23h et également le dimanche de 12h à 14h30

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