Les Tables d’Augustin: affordable gastornomic bistro in Paris

If you love good, fine food in a friendly place without fuss, the whole without breaking the bank, you’re at the right place! The chef and owner of the establishment, Hervé Deniel succeeds in treating our taste buds just right by concocting a high-quality cuisine without leaving you without money.

Les Tables d’Augustin is a cook’s idea, Hervé Deniel, with a prestigious and perfect career history.
As a matter of fact, this chef coming from Vendée fell in love with cooking when he was a kid, when he cooked with his mum and grand-parents.
It’s in the garden of the latter that he discovers hens, ducks, kitchen garden, orchard… Everything required to make tasty dishes.
This is how, much later, he continues his apprenticeship alongside Nicolas Le Bec in Lyon, then he goes to Paris to join the prestigious Maison Ambroisie, then George V where he will fill several positions.
Then, he decides to start his own business by opening this 22-seat gastronomic bistro in a popular Parisian neighborhood named after his son, Augustin.

If the thirty-year old chef trained at the greatest houses, by opening this address, he wanted something simple and friendly, without forgetting to serve high-quality food in the plates.
We tested it and it’s more than a successful challenge.

Les Tables d'Augustin : cuisine de grande qualité sans se ruiner !
Copyright: Amélie Laurin

The restaurant looks like a small Parisian flat
The linear restaurant features a view on the open-plan kitchen in the back. Everything is decorated with sobriety and taste. To make us feel at home even more, on the walls are hand pictures of his son and even one of his favorite movies: “Pulp Fiction”.

In terms of menu, the chef works with seasonal products and pays a particular attention to use everything and to throw away nothing.
He enjoys working simple ingredients to which he adds his gastronomic touch, or on the contrary, going from noble ingredients and working with much simplicity.
Everything is well-cooked and seasoned.

Les Tables d'Augustin

As a starter we discovered the First Green Asparagus from Provence with Colonnata Lard (€12), as well as the Pollack Carpaccio and Osciètre Caviar, Mango Vinaigrette, Edamame Beans and Jumbo shrimp blancmange (€12 + €10 for the caviar upon order), and our taste buds are still grateful.

Les Tables d'Augustin

As a main course, what a first! An “apple” of veal kidneys, sand-grown carrots with turmeric and Cévennes onions (€23), perfectly cooked. You also have the large stuffed pan-fried loin of suckling pig, Jerusalem artichoke and juice (€23), or the Low-temperature cooked Cod with Nori leaf, Mashed butternut and wild garlic aioli (€23).

Keep some room for a dessert and especially for the Surprise Easter Egg and its warm caramel (€10), a true delight for anyone with a sweet-tooth.

Les Tables d'Augustin

You can discover all these delicious dishes à la carte or pick one of the set menus available.

  • Starter, main course and dessert (€39)
  • Tasting menu for all guests in 5 courses (€49)
  • Tasting menu for all guests in 6 courses (€69)
    With wine pairing (2 glasses of wine and one glass of Crémant)

But there are lunch menus as well

  • Main course only (€ 13)
  • On-the-go (main course + glass of wine + coffee): €16
  • Starter/Main course or Main course/Dessert (€17)
  • Starter/Main course/Dessert (€21)

Les Tables d’Augustin are among these addresses having nice surprises in store.
We loved the very high-range cuisine of a rare finesse, the whole served in a setting without fuss.
The chef is oh-so kind and generously shares his passion for cooking. And in order to avoid spoiling your happiness, prices are very affordable for the cuisine offered.
We advise you to go with your eyes closed!

Candice L.
Last updated on 9 May 2018

Practical information


44 Rue Guy Môquet
75017 Paris 17

M° Guy Moquet

Formule déjeuner avec entrée + plet ou plat + dessert: 17 €
Formule déjeuner avec entrée + plat + dessert: 21 €
Menu dégustation en 5 plats: 49 €
Menu dégustation en 6 plats: 59 €

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