Sorella: delicious, friendly and lovely trattoria in Paris

A breath of fresh air is blowing in Paris 16th arrondissement with the opening of this delicious Italian restaurant. Warm décor, lovely terrace for sunny days, friendly atmosphere and most of all, quality cuisine are to be expected. Welcome to the new trattoria full of promises…

We don’t always think about Paris 16th arrondissement when we’re looking for a nice and friendly restaurant.
But it was before top-notch Italian trattoria Sorella opened.


The lovely Jessica and her husband Laurent who are fond of Italian gastronomy have decided to settle in at 13 avenue Bugeaud.
Following the success of their small eatery in Paris 14th arrondissement, Oggi, in February, they opened Sorella in Paris 16th arrondissement and rumor has it that another eatery will open in the 17th arrondissement, Rosa.
This new restaurant is spacious and intimist at the same time.
As a matter of fact, it’s Jessica who took care of the decoration hat makes us feel like we are in an opulent-looking apartment of the 16th arrondissement yet it looks very modern.
It’s up to you to pick up a seat. The small terrace for sunny days is very pleasant, or you have 3 different rooms including one you can privatize for your events.


Shall we move on and talk about what we find in our plates?
Products are thoroughly selected. Freshness and flavors are guaranteed. Let’s start with the irresistible plate of antipasti (€17) that looks as good as it tastes. We took the one with mozzarella and we’ve enjoyed it a lot. You also have focaccias and bresaola


Next, a wide range of pastas to fulfill your taste buds. Honorable mention to the gnocchi al salmone, tomato sauce, cream, salmon and basil (€15).
You also have fusilli tartufo (€19), penne buffala (€16), penne alla norma (€14), just to name a few.


If you love a pizza with a fine crust, you’ll be happy!
They all are created with a slow dough that fermented for at least 3 days and with fresh ingredients.
Let yourself go for the arugula and truffle pizza (€19), really delicious! And if you want to try another pizza, you have the piadina which is a rolled-out dough then closed, a bit like a wrap!


If you have a sweet tooth, remember that the tiramisu is to die for.
By the way, it’s on the Bambino menu (€12).
To accompany all these delicious dishes, a nice list of Italian wines and a good spritz are also available!

By the way, Sorella expects you on Thursday nights, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. for an aperitivo exclusively served at the bar.
On the menu, for one drink, you’re offered an Italian nibble. Prices start from €4 for soft and between €5 and €9 for wine.
And if you don’t feel like going out, Sorella can deliver your order.

Sorella is one of the addresses we love.
The place is friendly, without fuss, but most of all, the cooking is of an incredible freshness and generosity, the whole without breaking the bank!
We’ve gave it a go and it’s a big yes for us.

Candice L.
Last updated on 29 May 2018

Practical information


13 Avenue Bugeaud
75116 Paris 16

M° Victor Hugo

Les desserts: 7-10 €
Antipasti: 10-17 €
Les pizzas: 11-22 €
Menu Bambino: 12 €
Les pâtes: 12-19 €

Official website

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