Opening of Uma Nota in Paris: Japanese-Brazilian food and exotic cocktails

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Published by Caroline J. · Photos by Caroline J. · Updated on 23 July 2018 at 15h07 · Published on 23 July 2018 at 12h36
Later this summer 2018, a new culinary establishment likely to make you travel will officially open. Uma Nota, a replica of the first restaurant in Hong-Kong, gives pride of place to Japanese-Brazilian food, the whole in a colorful and resolutely modern décor.

Japanese-Brazilian cuisine, have you heard of it? Everything started in the 20’s in the Liberdade neighborhood in Sāo Paulo, when the Japanese community arrives to Brazil to compensate the lack of labor force in the country’s coffee cultivation.

Drawing inspiration in local ingredients as well as in their renown culinary techniques, Japanese people from Brazil created a style of food that has now became a reference in terms of Sāo Paulo street food culture.

And this is exactly this fascinating food cooked by fascinated Laura and Alexis Offe, French siblings living in Hong-King, have decided to promote by opening their new restaurant Uma Nota, inaugurate in 2017 in Hong-Kong.

One year later, they strike again by opening, alongside Alexandre Guillet and Nicolas Esclapez, Uma Nota in Paris, a replica of their Hong-Kong-based restaurant.

Restaurant Uma NotaRestaurant Uma NotaRestaurant Uma NotaRestaurant Uma Nota

And it’s in the heart of Paris 2nd arrondissement that Uma Nota has decided to officially open in September 2018.

To be discovered all summer long, in soft opening only at dinnertime, the place is an invitation to travel through exotic dishes as well as its colorful decoration inspired by traditional decors in Brazil.

Covering two stories, Uma Nota expects you on the bleachers for a drink. On the menu? Cocktails such as the irresistible “Cawasabi”, a beverage based on wasabi syrup, cane sugar and cachaça, Brazil national alcohol, or the “Menina Geisha” based on sake gin, cilantro and cucumber, without forgetting the classic but delicious Caipirinha.

Moving on to dishes, Uma Nota gives pride of place to the famous recipes of ceviche, including a vegetarian version cooked around hearts of palm, mushrooms and avocado.

We drool in front of the Fraldinha, the incredible Brazilian beef flank steak, served with cassava flour and a feiāo salad.

Restaurant Uma NotaRestaurant Uma NotaRestaurant Uma NotaRestaurant Uma Nota

You want more? Discover the Yakitori-inspired skewers with squid and mushrooms, or the eggplant cooked with miso, cashew and goat’s cheese…

So, ready to experience an incredible Japanese-Brazilian culinary journey?

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86 Rue Réaumur
75002 Paris 2

Official website

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Ouvert du lundi au samedi uniquement à partir de 18h
A partir de septembre, Uma Nota ouvrira également au déjeuner
Pas de réservations possibles

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