Loui’s Corner, restaurant and beautiful terrace in Paris 10th arrondissement

Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 23 July 2018 at 08h15
We go to Loui’s Corner to enjoy the beautiful and sunny double-terrace, have a cocktail, listen to music every two Thursdays and eat simple yet generous dishes inspired by New York cuisine.

For a few months, a beautiful double-terrace enlivens Hôpital Saint-Louis neighborhoods. No, I’m not talking about Carillon but a restaurant set a bit further up the rue Bichat: Loui’s Corner!

As soon as we arrive, the double-terrace (the restaurant is at the corner, hence the name!) is already full and Parisians cheer to a happy Thursday evening. We find a seat inside, and with the large bay windows entirely open, it’s as if we were outside and it’s super delightful.

Loui's CornerLoui's CornerLoui's CornerLoui's Corner

Loui’s Corner offers a menu filled with dishes inspired by New York cuisine. Once we’ve ordered our cocktails, we start reading chef Arnaud Bertrand’s menu. As a starter, Benedict egg (€5), hot-dog (€6), chicken taco (€4)… we choose not to choose by ordering the assortment plate to share (€18) for two persons or one very hungry eater. We enjoy super crispy onion rings, stuffed piquillos a taco and a pollock ceviche marinated in orange and lemon.

Loui's CornerLoui's CornerLoui's CornerLoui's Corner

For main courses, the choice is harder since Loui’s Corner offers salads (€15), burrito bowls (€12), poke bowls (€14), tartares (€16), burgers (€14) as well as grilled food – and this is what we were clearly craving that night! BBQ pork ribs (€15) for one of us, a stuffed duck breast from the Bayou (€19) for the other, we eat well, and we enjoy the last sunbeams of the day.

A pecan cheesecake (€7) and a generous and gourmet French brioche toast (€8) come to wrap this meal up. Loui’s Corner food is simple yet hearty and especially made with local, healthy and ethical produces, it’s important.

Loui's CornerLoui's CornerLoui's CornerLoui's Corner

Please also note that Loui’s Corner is even more entertaining on game nights since the place broadcasts on large screen soccer or rugby games, as well as two Thursdays a month, with its musical afterwork and its eclectic program. We can listen to a DJ or a brass band or even an acoustic live… it depends on the days!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 20 July 2018 to 31 December 2018



    49 Rue Bichat
    75010 Paris 10

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