Damigiana: the excellent Italian restaurant with traditional and original recipes

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 6 November 2021 at 11h03
Loving Italian gastronomy? Head as soon as possible to Les Halles neighborhood in Paris to (re)discover Damigiana, the culinary address by the Corinti family making you discover little-known Italian specialties but oh-so flavorful.

After the success of Meriggio, Laura and Bastien Corinti opened Damigiana in 2018 by the Halles area, and more recently Metà e Metà in Montreuil. So, about four years after the opening, is Damigiana still the same Italian table that enchanted us for its debuts? The answer is yes, more than ever.

Called after glass or stoneware jars covered in wicker and used since the Antiquity to carry and preserve wine, oil and liquors (the "dames-jeannes), Damigiana proudly displays its wonderful products on a wall covered in wine bottles and colorful seasonal vegetables on the counter. A first appealinga nd mouthwatering approach as a foretaste of the beautiful culinary discoveries coming up.

Damigiana 2021Damigiana 2021Damigiana 2021Damigiana 2021

Italian restaurant par excellence, Damigiana yet intends to stand out from the many Italian restaurants now galore in town. Here, do not look for the traditional Neapolitan pizza or the Carbonara spaghetti. No, Damigiana has much more to offer! Dishes that never crossed the boarders of Italy, especially in the North, and sometimes even Italian specialties that did not cross the boarders of their very regions, made by the local mammas.

Lunching at Damigiana is a genuine travel to the country of the Dolce Vita with unique flavors, quality produces, extremely well-sourced directly coming from small Italian producers. And we can inevitably feel it in the plates for our taste buds’ greatest joy.

Damigiana 2021Damigiana 2021Damigiana 2021Damigiana 2021

Both a food cellar and a gourmet restaurant, Damigiana welcomes patrons on two floors: Upstairs, an area fitted for thirty seats and on the ground floor, the enoteca and its open-plan kitchen. It is there we take a seat for and browse the menu and the daily's board, rather short but filled with promises, a glass of Spritz (€8) in hand.

If you are more into wine, but do not know what vintage you can get, the Corinti siblings have come up with a clever place mat with questions and answers. “Do you enjoy walks in the forest or in the sand most?” or “Are you more into Stracciatella ice cream or gourmet and fruity Fragola?” at the end of this little game, you will be given an animal matching the determined wine.

Damigiana 2021Damigiana 2021Damigiana 2021Damigiana 2021

And to go along these beverages and vintages, let us enjoy a menu renewed every season. To start with, go for the staple burrata di Andria (€18) plated with spinach pesto and sundried tomato crumble; or the veal tartare (€12), generously topped with parmesan, mint, caper leaves and candied shallots.

Continu with the taglioni served with pumpkin and amaretti sauce that has a texture close to a thick soup, a delight, and a very original dish the bosses have been given by their grandmother. Based on breadcrumbs, egg and parmesan, the passatelli (€17) are to be enjoyed with romanesco cabbage pesto, Tuscanian sausage and Torreggio shavings - which is a cow's milk tomme. An uncommon and comforting dish.

Damigiana 2021Damigiana 2021Damigiana 2021Damigiana 2021

If you feel you still have some room left, we highly recommend one of the homemade desserts. As for us, we went for the light tiramisu (€8) served in a cup and hiding the famous coffee-soaked sponge cake, and an apple strudel (€8), served lukewarm with custard. Damigiana drawing inspiration here and there beyond the borders, in Italy's neighbor countries like the  Austrian Tyrol.

You get it, Damigiana definitely won our hearts thanks to an Italian cuisine that is creative and hearty, produces extremely well sourced, and little-knowns recipes of the Italian gastronomy that simply makes us want to come back to experience a new gustatory journey to the country of the Dolce Vita!

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Starts 5 November 2021



    58 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    75001 Paris 1

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