The Rice Burger: surprising rice burgers are coming to Paris 10th arrondissement

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by My B., Manon C. · Published on 30 October 2018 at 11h18
Have you heard of rice burger? If not, well, have a look at The Rice Burger in Paris 10th arrondissement to discover these burgers of a new kind. Bread has been removed by organic Camargue rice! Inside, a whole bunch of original and delicious recipes.

Do you enjoy concepts? Inventions and new culinary experiments? Well, you’ll love The Rice Burger, a lovely small restaurant that settled down in June 2018 in Paris 10th arrondissement.

Forget everything you know about burgers. Here, no tomatoes, cheese, salad nor pickles but organic Camargue rice worked as a bun, like a Japanese sushi cake with turmeric to give it its surprising yellow color.

Inside burgers, The Rice Burger chef Marie gives free rein to her inspiration and offers a whole range of original recipes inspired by her many sailing travels around the world.

The Rice BurgerThe Rice BurgerThe Rice BurgerThe Rice Burger

On the Fall menu, right now, we have 7 rice burgers: the Japonais (salmon and seaweed tartare, the only rice burger served cold), the Veggie (tofu and Asian mushrooms), the Grec (spinach, ricotta, feta, thyme grilled zucchinis), the Indonésien (satay chicken, Chinese cabbage), the Rice Burger of the moment (Poulet basquaise, zucchinis and bell peppers), the Gersois (duck confit, sweet pepper jam) and the Limousin (beef cheek, caramelized butternut).

With the cold weather outside, we were craving warm and autumnal dishes that reminded us of our grandmas’ recipes. We naturally went for the Gersois and the Limousin. And we were not disappointed!

The Rice BurgerThe Rice BurgerThe Rice BurgerThe Rice Burger

Duck confit is worked with sweet pepper jam, while the beef cheek is cooked for 8 hours in the oven, like a bourguignon, with cinnamon and star anise. We let you imagine all the flavors that went through our taste buds. Both were simply flavorful and the rice burgers assembly – very high – makes us see all the ingredients and we love this.

We also tried some other dishes the chef offers us: a Vietnamese salad (papaya, peanuts), super fresh and the perfect side for our rice burgers and a butternut/coral lentils/coconut/curry soup that warmed us up…

The Rice BurgerThe Rice BurgerThe Rice BurgerThe Rice Burger

Let’s not forget about desserts: the place offers homemade desserts like the rest of the menu and they really are delicious: walnut/hazelnut/almond brownie, apple/fig compote crumble, lime cake, chocolate cookie, and matcha tea and raspberry financier.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood by lunchtime in the week and if you happen to look for a nice, homemade and affordable dish, don’t skip The Rice Burger, this surprising and unique concept deserves all your fooding attention.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 29 October 2018 to 31 December 2018



    1 bis Rue Martel
    75010 Paris 10

    Citronnade: €3
    Desserts: €3.5
    Rice Burger: €10.5
    Rice Burger+Citronnade: €11.5
    Rice Burger+Citronnade+Salade ou dessert ou soupe: €13.5
    Rice Burger+Citronnade+Salade ou soupe+dessert: €15.5

    Official website

    01 53 31 07 29

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