Cheval d’Or by Taku Sekine: the new French-Asian canteen in Paris

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 8 April 2019 at 11h13
After Dersou, come and enter Cheval d’Or. To be discovered in Paris 19th arrondissement, this table is the new “top quality French-Asian canteen” by chef Taku Sekine.

Creating something other than Dersou, creating its antithesis”: so was Taku Sekine’s wish when he took over Cheval d’Or. Former Asian place set on rue de la Villette in Paris 19th arrondissement, Cheval d’Or by Taku Sekine has just opened.

The concept? A popular and family-friendly restaurant with the same exigence for the quality as the one at Dersou. Because yes, for those who would not know it, Taku Sekine is the mastermind behind the success of Dersou in Paris.

The famous chef wanted something new. A change that has just appeared thanks to the opening of Cheval d’Or, designed in partnership with Florent Ciccoli (Au Passage, Café du Coin, Bones and so on).

Taku Sekine explains: “As a new father, wishes evolve and it was time for me to create another project of the heart, a restaurant open to families with – for instance – kids playing on tables and to whom plates would be devoted!”.

But what does this new fooding table have in store? A heteroclite menu mixing small and larger dishes presented according to the cooking, seasoning and the choice of ingredients (hors d’oeuvre, raw, steamed, deep-fried, flour, sides, noodles, rice…).

On the menu? A “beef/tamarin tartare”, “scallops/yuzu”, a “cabbage/bottarga”, “cockles/xia shin” as well as a “deep-fried chicken the Taiwanese way/hot sauce”, “Brussels sprout fritters/orange mayonnaise”, or even “Iberian Katsu pork/special sauce” or “garlic broccolis” and the famous “cabbage salad/rice vinegar”. The whole will be served in particularly sophisticated containers: Chinese bamboo basket, traditional French crockery, Japanese containers for green tea…

The place also provides many plain sakes.

Meet now in Paris 19th arrondissement to discover Cheval d’Or by Taku Sekine.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 8 April 2019



    21 Rue de la Villette
    75019 Paris 19

    More informations
    Ouvert du mercredi au dimanche pour les dîners, du jeudi au dimanche pour les déjeuners
    Petits plats à partager : 5/15 euros
    Grands plats à partager : 15/45 euros

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