Fumé, new smoked meat restaurant with Texan and Israeli twists in Paris

Published by Manon C. · Published on 4 January 2019 at 12h31 · Updated on 2 March 2019 at 22h39
An avalanche of smoked meats expects you at Fumé, a new restaurant in Paris 8th arrondissement. At the helm, chef Ruben Sarfati offers you his know-how as well as his vegetables coming straight from his farm. Because at Fumé, plants are vital.

Meat lovers and especially smoked meats lovers, a new temple of smoked meat has opened in Paris. It’s Fumé in Paris 8th arrondissement, the “most Mediterranean smoke house in Paris” according to the concerned people.

Beef, chicken, fish and the iconic pastrami Texan style… A ton of meats are cooked in an authentic American smokehouse. Behind the stoves, or rather in front of this beautiful smokehouse, chef Ruben Sarfati a chef French people may have seen in Top Chef France 2012.

Raw materials are obviously super well-tracked since they come – for most of them – straight from Ruben Sarfati’s farm, l’Æpicure.

The idea at Fumé is to eat nice and tasty meats smoked with oak wood or nice salmon smoked with hickory wood. According to how long the smoking process takes, the taste will be more or less strong with a more or less spicy, resinous, musky or fruity wood.

But at Fumé, plants are also vital and enhanced with Mediterranean recipes.

Expect then to enjoy a selection of mouthwatering kemias and sides (€4,5): artichokes, sweet potatoes French fries, broccoli with mustard vinegar, truffled sunchokes purée…

We have only one thing to say: we’re drooling!

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10 Rue Berryer
75008 Paris 8

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