Fanfan, French-Asian gourmet restaurant a stone's throw from Place de l'Etoile

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Published by Laura B. · Photos by Laura B. · Published on 30 December 2019 at 18h16 · Updated on 8 May 2020 at 12h20
Fanfan, new bar and restaurant in the Etoile neighborhood serves a fusion French-Asian cuisine orchestrated by chef Julien Burbaud. In addition to being good, his dishes are wonderful.

Set in Paris 17th arrondissementFanfan is a restaurant providing a gourmet journey between France and Japan thanks to a fusion cuisine.

It's chef Julien Burbaud who works in Fanfan kitchen. He trained with Joël Robuchon, Yannick Alléno and even Alain Passard.
After participating in Top Chef France in 2012, he co-created 1K. He now works with Yinhua Qiu, the French-Chinese entrepreneur who created Fanfan.

Restaurant gatsronomique Fanfan

Fanfan serves French dishes twisted with Japanese and Asian notes. French techniques are used for ingredients coming from Asia.

In addition to taste very good, dishes concocted by Julien Burbaud at Fanfan are true masterpieces, very (naturally) colorful and often decorated with flowers.

Restaurant gatsronomique Fanfan

The menu is short and changes very frequently. The lunch menu displays two starters, main courses and desserts.

The day we came, we enjoyed the tomato gazpacho with strawberry and cucumber. A very flavorful and fresh starter. As well as line-caught tuna, exquisite, raw, perfectly seasoned with verbena and cucumber.

Restaurant gatsronomique Fanfan

As for main course, we enjoyed barbecued duck breast with a strong smell, served with very green snow peas, raw and puréed, and the fish of the day, scorpion fish that we rarely find on menus, served with zucchinis, eryngi mushrooms and galanga, a plant close to ginger. A fine and seasoned dish.

Restaurant gatsronomique Fanfan

For desserts, it was chocolate in all its shapes with a very tasty mousse, served with Tonka bean and a surprising avocado crémeux plated with a record player for a very perfect spiral and with tagetes (marigolds from India). A very beautiful mix of flavors.

The chef also served cherries with orgeat and mascarpone, crumble and a few Thai basil leaves.

Restaurant gatsronomique Fanfan

For dinner, the tasting menu inludes 6 courses with seasonal and quality dishes changing with the chef's mood.

Fanfan meals can't happen without a drink. On the menu of the bar, original signature cocktails, with or without alcohols with names making us dream about Asia, as well as a selection of sakes.

Restaurant gatsronomique Fanfan

tThe whole in an elegant and sophisticated setting. The decoration of the restaurant is as polished as the dishes. Huge colorful flowers cover the walls under the glass roof. Thanks to the mirror, it brings some depth, it looks like Fanfan is huge. But it isn't.

Fanfan's and Julien Burbaud's ambition? Winning a Michelin star, we wish them good luck.

Practical information


18 Rue Bayen
75017 Paris 17

Déjeuner, entrée / plat ou plat /dessert: 29 €
Déjeuner, entrée, plat et dessert: 34 €
Déjeuner, accord mets et vins: 35 €
Dîner, accord mets et vins: 45 €
Menu découverte en 4 séquences: 55 €
Dîner, menu signature en 6 séquences: 85 €

Recommended age
For all

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