“Mamie”, Jean Imbert’s new restaurant open with his grandmother

Published by Marine S. · Published on 28 February 2019 at 12h34 · Updated on 28 February 2019 at 13h57
Chef Jean Imbert opens a brand-new restaurant in Paris, but this one has a small distinctive characteristic: the menu is entirely made with four hands, along with his grandmother. A family concept lovingly called “Mamie” and said to open on March 15, 2019 in lieu of L’Acajou, his very first Parisian restaurant he opened 15 years ago.

It’s no surprise, if the Instagram followers of successful chef Jean Imbert already know it: his grandmother has a very special place in his life and also in his life as a cook. When he’s not in Los Angeles with Beyoncé and Jay Z or in New York with Pharrell Williams with whom he’s just opened a restaurant in Manhattan, on Sunday, Jean Imbert is with his grandmother who – even though she’s several summers – hasn’t drop the spoon yet.

His grandma may be the reason behind Jean Imbert’s success. All along his childhood, young Jean was seated in front of dishes cooked by his grandma, veal blanquette, roast chicken, whipped eggs, the occasion for the family to be together, share moments the chef never forgot.

A few years later, here he is, at the head of a pretty good company he started 15 years ago with the opening of L’Acajou, his very first Parisian restaurant.

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This upcoming March 15, it’s a new chapter starting for him since L’Acajou becomes Mamie, a new and entirely redesigned concept by the architecture office Atelier Victoria Migliore, thought over with his grandma and which menu will be put up with her and providing only dishes she’s used to cook. The menu will change every two months according to seasons.

Another sweet treat, the dessert menu will be created by the grandma herself in partnership with Le Meurice star pastry chef, Cédric Grolet, who fell under the spell of this very simple yet oh-so moving idea. Book now!

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