Marcello: hearty pizzas, cocktails and aperitivo in Pantin

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 9 March 2019 at 21h23
Let’s head to Pantin to discover Marcello, the new address delighting everyone thanks to pizza galore, pasta and delicious produces the Italian way. On Thursday night, it’s aperitivo night and it’s definitely worth it!

Paris isn’t the only place where you can enjoy Italian food, proof of it with Marcello, a nice and little restaurant that opened its doors three months ago in Pantin, not far from the Canal and the Parc de la Villette.

Here, good and made in Italy produces are the watchwords and follow one another on the table. For instance, we fall for the antipasti typical of Italy, such as bruschetta, tomatoes, mozzarella (€5), artichokes and parmesan (€7) or the vegetable platter for healthy cuisine enthusiasts (€7).

Marcello PantinMarcello PantinMarcello PantinMarcello Pantin

Also available on the menu, a beautiful selection of pasta, from the most classic recipes such as penne arrabiata (€11.90) to the chicest ones, penne and truffle (€14.5) and ceps angoletti (€15.5). But here, there’s no debate, carbonara past (€13.80) are enjoyed in the purest tradition, without cream but with an egg yolk, parmesan and smoked bacon!

Tasty meat eaters will be happy to discover several of them in the chef’s selections: Italian chicken and fresh tagliatelle (€15.5), beef carpaccio (€13.5) or Italian burger (€14.90) served with Italian fries.

Marcello PantinMarcello PantinMarcello PantinMarcello Pantin

Moving on to pizzas, the choice is rough because of the 13 mouthwatering options. As for us, we tried the pizza with truffle, a now unmissable offer in Italian restaurants, but made in a smart way with a quite raw-tasting cream that counterbalances the round taste of truffle oil.

We also went for the pizza regina just to see what Marcello classic pizzas are made of. Verdict: a very fine and crispy crust and fresh and flavorful ingredients.

Marcello PantinMarcello PantinMarcello PantinMarcello Pantin

As for dessert, let’s reassure you: no frozen tiramisu but sweet treats that are homemade. The tiramisu (€6.5) and the soft chocolate cake (€6) are both very nice. But we didn’t dare trying the Nutella pizza!

To get an overview idea of Marcello Italian cuisine, we highly recommend you going go on a Thursday night for the aperitivo. For €20 you can get two drinks and unlimited food chosen by the boss, namely Italian cheese and charcuterie boards, pizzas and even desserts. Who can top that?

Marcello PantinMarcello PantinMarcello PantinMarcello Pantin

Speaking of drinks, Marcello has a whole range of smart cocktails made by the bartender. Original blends we sip up to the last drop. We definitely recommend you the one smelling like After Eight chocolate, a delight!

Note that Marcello is about to launch very soon an Italian brunch on Sundays. Another reason to pay it a visit!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 9 March 2019 to 31 December 2019



    8 Rue du Général Compans
    93500 Pantin

    A partager: €5 - €16
    Desserts: €5 - €7
    Antipasti: €5 - €8
    Cocktails: €9 - €11
    Pâtes: €11 - €15
    Pizzas: €11 - €16
    Spécialités: €12 - €15
    Salades: €13 - €14
    Brunch: €25

    Official website

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