Opening of Astara, sea restaurant and delicatessen

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Published by Manon C. · Published on 11 April 2019 at 19h03 · Updated on 11 April 2019 at 19h05
Seafood fans, we’ve found a new spot that has just opened. It’s in Paris 1st arrondissement that Astara has just opened its first restaurant doubling up as a super-complete sea delicatessen.

A new sea table has just opened in Paris and we owe it to Astara. Astara has been specialized in seafood for 40 years. The opening of the eponymous restaurant was the next step to treat even more people!

Let’s head to Paris 1st arrondissement to discover this new place set on rue des Petits Champs. In the kitchen and on the iodic menu, revisited sea classics and dishes from elsewhere rub shoulders.

As a starter, chef Arnaud Vachet came up – among others – with a ravioli stuffed with sturgeon and whiting served in dashi, yellow carrots and enoki broth and organic soft-boiled egg, haddock, organic almond milk emulsion, carrots.


The Blini Astara way (€13) - like a tart topped with PDO Crème d'Isigny, smoked Norwegian salmon, yellow and red beetroots, red onion pickles and trout eggs - has completely delighted us.

As for the main course, Baerli d’Astara caviar potato, lemon tagliatelle, bottarga and Baeri caviar twisted with vodka and even the timeless croque-monsieur is turned into a croque-caviar (€17) with candied sturgeon filets, cream cheese and Baeri caviar.

We also tasted the pesto-crust cod and citrus fruits (€24) served with parsnip purée and shiitake mushrooms and Chinese cabbage and we loved it!


As for the sweet offering, the chef brillantly revisits the classic rum baba with vodka (€9), the Fontainebleau is served with a red berry coulis and a meringue and the exquisite pistachio crème brûlée (€8) is topped with toasted hazelnuts!

Please note that sourcing at Astara is super thorough and promoted: Astara caviars mainly come from the Giaveri farm set in Italy and where sturgeons are fed with organic food. Astara even works with Ethic Ocean NGO in order to guarantee sourcing transparency when it comes to seafood (fishing and farming) and sustainability.

And the same care is taken for wines that are here organic and biodynamic!


Finally, for those who would like to leave with a little something, Astara restaurant features a beautiful delicatessen providing a selection of smoked salmon by the cut, as well as sprats, sea urchin coral, taramasalata, salmon and trout eggs, blinis, and even Malossols pickles, without forgetting the take-away corner so that you can eat salads, desserts and sandwiches on the go!

In other words, you get it, this is THE new spot to enjoy what the sea has best to offer!

Practical information

Opening Time
From 23 March 2019 to 31 December 2019



    7 Rue des Petits Champs
    75001 Paris 1

    Formule déjeuner: 24 €

    Official website


    More informations
    Ouvert tous les jours
    Boutique : 11h00/22h30
    Restauration : 12h00/14h30 & 19h30/22h30

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