Lombem: new restaurant with meats cooked in a wood-fired oven in Paris

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Published by Manon C. · Published on 21 May 2019 at 11h31 · Updated on 21 May 2019 at 11h32
Dear meat-eating readers, let’s run to Paris 2nd arrondissement to discover the new restaurant specialized in meats cooked in a wood-fired oven: Lombem.

Tasty meat lovers have their new GHQ in Paris. Lombem, new restaurant specialized in meats cooked in a wood-fired oven, has just open in the famous Passage des Panoramas in Paris 2nd arrondissement.

Behind this new tantalizing address, we have Aurore and Matthieu Bégué coming from a family of butchers and restaurateurs for 3 generations. Together, they gave themselves the mission to lend prestige to meat and the butcher activity through a strong concept: cooking meats in a wood-fired oven.


To do so, Lombem features a 700-kg (1543.23 lb) wood-fired oven made of cast iron, brick and enameled steel where dishes available on the menu are cooked. A quick trip on it and meats are perfectly broiled. So good!

Moving on to the quality, you can trust them since Lombem fine team bets on transparency and 100% French and local tracked sourcing. Meats are also cut on the spot. The restaurant also bets on renown partners such as Sept Monts, Des Hommes & des Boeufs and even Eric Lefebvre (Fromager Meilleur Ouvrier de France).


Let's move on to the menu, the most interesting part, isn't it? Starters to share to start your lunch the good way. To your liking: homemade garlic bread (€4), cold-cut board (€10), Cecina de Leon (€9).

As for us, we went for the Angus beef rilletts and pickles, (€7), well seasonned; the roasted beetroot hummus (€6) that tasted deliciously smoked, and the melted cheese and brioche croutons casserole (€8), a very cheesy and genrous starter we couldn't reccomend to people working on their summer body at the moment, but if you love good food and melted cheese, it's definitely a go-to!


To feel less guilty, Lombem also serves a few salads (€14-15) and a vegan burger (€15) for people committed to it. Yet, if you are in Lombem and on the look for a niece piece of meat to enjoy, you won't be disappointed!

Broiled sirloin and king prawns (€28), sirloin cut like a hanger steak (€18), Angus Hereford beef rib for two (€70)... Our meat-loving stomach didn't know where to start!


We finally go for the homemade and knife-cut tartare (€16), a classic to pimp yourself at Lombem, South-West farm pork ribs with BBQ sauce and grilled red cabbage (€15), we ate with our fingers and it was very delightful; and finally, the 40-days minimum cured sirloin steak, cut widthways (€29), a noble cut we enjoy with chimichurri sauce for more emotion, and a mushroom gratin dauphinois, and braised seasonal vegetables as sides.

Don't think it's over! Before you leave, have a look at the dessert menu for wonderful surprises: apple tarte tatin slice with thick cream (€8), a slice of toasted brioche, fromage blanc and dulce de leche (€7), and finally Mamie T.'s chocolate mousse (€5) served at the table from a big bowl.


To top it all, Lombem features a speakeasy bar in the basement providing grilled cocktails based on homemade braised syrups! Thrill lovers or budding cowboys, a surprise also expects you: a mechanical bull, to challenge your friends to who would last the longest (and do it before eatin!).

Practical information

Opening Time
From 21 May 2019 to 31 December 2019



    22 Passage des Panoramas
    75002 Paris 2

    Formule midi enfant: 12 €
    Formule midi: 15 €

    Official website

    01 45 08 54 45

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    Restaurant ouvert tous les jours sauf le dimanche
    Bar Speakeasy ouvert tous les jeudis, vendredis et samedis soirs

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