Riv’K, the bistronomic restaurant in Montmartre

Published by Laura B. · Published on 19 April 2019 at 11h30 · Updated on 8 May 2020 at 12h03
The Riv’K restaurant set in Montmartre provides bistronomic cuisine where world’s spices are given pride of place and where the menu changes very often.

Set in Paris 18th arrondissement and even on the Butte Montmartre, the Riv’K restaurant offers a bistronomic cuisine around spices of the world, based on meat, fish or even vegan dishes.

The dinner menu changes every week. For instance, you can get avocado spring rolls, coley fillet, spicy roasted cauliflower, hummus with soft-boiled egg, finely sliced veal and even homemade gnocchis.
As for dessert, we have caramelized French toast, soft chocolate and chestnut cream cake and even a semi-cooked cookie according to the current inspiration.

For lunch, the market set menu by Riv’K, starter / main course or main course / dessert costs €11.50. Dishes change every two days. For instance, you can enjoy a creamy burrata, a fish terrine, miso pulled beef and potatoes with herbs, cabbage salad with sesame or fromage blanc for instance.

On Sundays, Riv’K has a €23-burnch including fresh fruit juice, hot drink, a sweet note in the beginning of the meal, then eggs (scrambled, Benedict…) as a main course and a dessert to cap it off.

Practical information


35 Rue Véron
75018 Paris 18

Blanche (ligne 2)

Le soir, dessert à partir de: €6
Le soir, entrée à partir de: €8
Formule midi: €11.5
Le soir, plats à partir de: €16
Brunch: €23

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