Marsan, Hélène Darroze’s new restaurant in Paris

Published by Laura B. · Updated on 8 May 2020 at 12h03 · Published on 2 May 2019 at 15h39
Michelin starred female chef Hélène Darroze opens a new restaurant in Paris, Marsan par Hélène Darroze, where her Hélène Darroze restaurant used to be. With Marsan, she pays tribute to her region of origin: the south-west.

This past July, Hélène Darroze closed – temporarily – the doors of her restaurant set in rue d’Assas and open in October 1999, simply called Hélène Darroze, just to get complete renovating works done and most of all change the concept.
Because if Hélène Darroze keeps her address at 4 rue d’Assas, it’s actually a new restaurant that will open on May 27, 2019: Marsan par Hélène Darroze.

For a few long months, Hélène Darroze has been working to reinvent her restaurant based in Paris 6th arrondissement.
With Marsan, she returns to her origins, in the country of Marsan, between Villeneuve-de-Marsan and Mont-de-Marsan in Gers, where the famous female chef was born.

Marsan par Hélène Darroze will provide an exclusive gastronomic experience in a 30-seat dining room, a private part in the 6-seat kitchen and a guest table for 22 seats open onto the creation lab.
Marsan designed is signed by Patricia Gardera.
The one who won in 2015 the Veuve Clicquot award for world’s best chef will provide a cuisine cooked with ingredients paying tributes to her south-western roots.

This past September, Hélène Darroze opened Joia in the Marais neighborhood. This May 2019 will go all-things new for Hélène Darroze since she will officially open her new restaurant

Practical information


4, Rue d'Assas
75006 Paris 6

Métro Sèvres-Babylone ou Rennes.

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