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Published by Laura B. · Published on 11 June 2019 at 10h34 · Updated on 11 June 2019 at 10h34
Anon is the latest table open by Thibaut Spiwack in the Batignolles neighborhood. A gourmet, responsible and sustainable restaurant in the heart of Paris 17th arrondissement. A wonderful table to discover as soon as possible...

This past May 8, chef Thibaut Spiwack opened restaurant Anona in the heart of the Batignolles area.
After working at George V, along with Alain Senderens, at 32 years old, he becomes the chef of his very own restaurant.


With Anona, Thibaut Spiwack offers a gourmet, sustainable and responsible cuisine whether it’s about choosing the products (short-circuit deliveries, seasonal ingredients…), or the way he cooks them (waste reduction, limited water consumption, green electricity…) or the wellbeing of his teams.

At Anona, Thibaut Spiwack doesn’t serve mini portions. His plates are hearty and creative. And the meal is enhanced with small bonuses.
The decor is very sophisticated. We feel good at Anona even though the place is a bit noisy.


The meal starts with a small savory treat, a sesame/cheese madeleine, then the day we came, it was followed by an appetizer, naming a delicious herb tabbouleh.


At lunchtime, the chef offers a market menu with daily recipes for €25 for the set menu including starter and main course or main course and dessert and €29 for starter, main course and dessert. When we came, the starter was a very tasty mackerel filet served with fennel and dashi and the main course was some chorizo served with potatoes and carrots.


On the menu, as a starter, you also have an organic egg, peas and a very tasty scad served with potato mousseline and a surprising olive oil / green shizo sorbet quenelle.

As a main course, we have poultry, salmon, gold ball turnip and picanha from Maison Aitana, as well as salmon served with mushrooms and spinachs. Like at Anona, nothing is thrown away, the fish skin is served as chips.


And you can choose your dessert on the dessert cart where we had - the day we came - vanilla/strawberry tart, a chocolate/cilantro éclair, a light chocolate/passion entremets and a soft rhubarb cheesecake.


After dessert, the meal isn't over. To finish it, small sweet treats are brought, a beetroot financier and a grapefruit / Sichuan pepper jelly.

For dinner, close your eyes and let yourself be guided by the chef’s inspiration who offers a 5-course discovery menu for €75 (wine pairing for €45) and a 7-course tasting menu for €95 (wine pairing for €60).


At Anona, everything is homemade, the tasty sourdough bread, and the syrups served with the Parisian lemonade. Syrup flavors change every day.

Anona is a true favorite, a very beautiful discovery in this early summer 2019. And we can only recommend you to discover this new table now.

Practical information

Opening Time
From 21 May 2019 to 20 May 2020



    80 Boulevard des Batignolles
    75017 Paris 17

    Métro Rome, ligne 2

    Official website


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