L’Assaggio, Hotel Castille fantastic Italian restaurant, reopens

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Published by Rizhlaine F., Laura B. · Photos by Laura B., Rizhlaine F. · Published on 21 July 2021 at 16h03 · Updated on 21 July 2021 at 16h17
5-star hotel set in Paris 1st arrondissement Hotel Castille houses L’Assaggio, an Italian gourmet restaurant. A hidden gem to discover as soon as possible as it reopened to the public, including a new terrace on rue de Cambon.

Hotel Castille magnificent Italian restaurant L’Assagio reopened in late June, so did the hotel housing it but limited.
Whether you choose the dining room or the hidden patio, all parts of the restaurant welcome patrons again, including a new temporary terrace on rue de Cambon.

Hotel Castille restaurant L'Assaggio gives Italian gastronomy pride of place. The menu has been designed by starred chef Ugo Alciati coming from Piedmont and concocted by executive chef Pablo Sabariego and his team. Ugo Alciati gives his face to Eataly and becomes the ambassador of the Alba truffle in the world.

L’Assaggio offers a sophisticated and avant-garde experience of Italian cuisine relying one seasonal and high-quality raw material. These Mediterranean flavors are combined with the French finesse.

Restaurant L'Assaggio

In a sophisticated and elegant decor, L'Assagio staff is very careful and skillful to make sure we're having a fantastic time.

On L’Assaggio menu, great classics of the Italian gastronomy such as Vitello Tonnato Piedmont style, chef Ugo Alciati’s signature dish, the famous Agnolotti di Lidia (pasta), served as starters, veal tong and Piedmont Bagnetto or even cod with spinach and almonds, according to seasons. Let’s not forget either about the garden vegetables and the ceps served with black truffle.

Restaurant L'Assaggio

The first word that came to us to qualify the food served at L'Assaggio is divine. From the starter to the dessert, it was flawless.

Restaurant L'Assaggio

The meal starts with some light and thin polenta crackers and crispy spaghetti carbonara we gladly enjoy with prosecco as an appetizer.

Restaurant L'Assaggio

Then, we have 5 small appetizers that were all super good: a chard sponge topped with caper and tuna cream, tomato, raspberry and olive oil gazpacho with basil, savory ricotta cannoli, potato craker with anchovy and dried tomato and macerated cherry tomato served with black olive powder.

Restaurant L'Assaggio

We go for the 5-course discovery menu for 90euros and we let the chef walks us through. 5 courses are more than enough but if you're very hungry, the 7-course tasting menu is available for 115euros.
If the chef decides of the portion he prepares, he remains careful about what makes you hungry, if there's a starter or a main course on the menu that is very tempting, he'll include it in the menu.

Restaurant L'Assaggio

To kick things off, the chef prepares some blue-fin tuna tartare with burrata and candied tomatoes, sesame crackers and spinach cream. The olive oil-marinated fish literally melts in the mouth.

Restaurant L'Assaggio

Then, we have this oeuf parfait that really tempted us with its potato mousse, its 30-month old parmesan and its blend of pepper. Such a divine dish

Restaurant L'Assaggio

An Italian dinner without pasta isn't a transalpine dish. So, the chef has us serve some lasagna with beef and pork stew, and a slightly spiced cream. Once again, it's perfect.

Restaurant L'Assaggio

The, we have the veal's kidneys with baby artichoke mousseline and balsamic vinegar. The offal is crispy, it's delicious.

Restaurant L'Assaggio

Sweet note to wrap up, we have some "Fior di Latte" ice cream sprinkled with crumble and served with a drizzle of raspberry or caramel, it's up to you.

Restaurant L'Assaggio

Bread is homemade. The basket on the table holds four different breads to dip in olive oil.
The restaurant also serves a list of Italian wines including and excellent and subtle rosé.

Restaurant L'Assaggio

In summer, L’Assaggio opens its terrace, an outdoor area set in the hotel inner courtyard with a Roman fountain and a very beautiful fresco. A very quiet place, away from prying eyes, with the fountain and the few trees - olive trees, orange trees... At night falls, candles and street lamps light up.

L'Assaggio has no Michelin star but it definitely deserve a "macaron".
Now we shared this fantastic discovery with you, you only have to go and try it yourself for major occasions.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 21 July 2021



    33-37 Rue Cambon
    75001 Paris 1

    M° Concorde

    Dessert: €10 - €12
    Entrée: €16 - €21
    Plat: €20 - €26

    Official website

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    Ouvert du mardi au samedi pour le déjeuner de 12h à 14h30 et pour le dîner de 19h30 à 22h30.

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