The best pizzas in Europe 2019 – the winners in Paris

Published by Caroline J. · Photos by Laurent P. · Updated on 29 August 2019 at 15h53 · Published on 29 August 2019 at 09h10
Ober Mamma, Manhattan Terrazza and even Tripletta… These famous Parisian pizzerias are now part of the 50 best pizza of the year in Europe!

Pizzas fans know it, Paris is filled with restaurants providing this famous Italian specialty. But how can we choose and pick the perfect address to get the pizza likely to satisfy our taste buds and take us straight to Italy?

Well, how about trusting the 50 Top Pizza 2019 in Europe released this past spring? Among them, 7 pizzerias in Paris we invite you to discover now! Note that this ranking is made by Milan committee Identità Golose and doesn’t count the Italian restaurants and the true professionals of the discipline. To make this ranking, the committee relied on the reviews of gastronomic guides.

First, we have 50 kalò di ciro salvo pizzeria in London. Right behind, it’s Parisian pizzeria Bijou nestled in Paris 18th arrondissement stepping on the second place. We also have Ober Mamma by Big Mamma in 4th.

We let you discover the Parisian pizzerias included in the top 50:

Discover the top 50 here and the best pizzerias in Paris here!

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