Fall is all about pie at Hotel Vernet “V” restaurant in Paris

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Published by Laurent P. · Photos by Laurent P. · Published on 16 September 2019 at 22h03 · Updated on 16 September 2019 at 22h14
Set in Paris 8th arrondissement, Hotel Vernet is already moving on to Fall with a new menu for the “V” restaurant by chef Richard Robe. Between American and French pies, gourmands are already mouthwatering! Let’s go, friends, shall we?

Fall is falling in Paris already… Hôtel Vernet restaurant “V” set in Paris 8th arrondissement is already moving on with a Fall menu serving foodies and gourmands a whole range of American pies to get ready for winter. A menu created by chef Richard Robe who was born and raised between Manchester and Normandy, adding some English spirit to the restaurant glass roof designed by Gustave Eiffel, for an exclusive mix of flavors.

In the plate, “simplicity and precision” give good food lovers “the discreet elegance of flavors and plating, showing the quality of the products and constant requirements”. A menu inspired by his childhood and based on pies and tarts with “the flavors from the forest, game and mushrooms”. The idea? Making gourmands’ and foodies’ palates travel “on the damp paths of Normandy and the English countryside”.

Un automne entre tourte et pie au V, le restaurant de l'hôtel Vernet

A menu we've had the chance to try... And this is our final verdict: we loved it! As a starter, we went for an artichoke pie with goat's cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and Taggiasche olives reduction. Then, for main course, we went for a mallard pie, pan-fried foie gras and ceps. Whether it's the starter or the main course, what's surprising is the light flakiness, that keeps all the flavors of the filling. Two plates of a rare finesse in the mouth, for balanced and interesting flavors, the whole paired with some wine. A revisit of the pie, between France and Great-Britain that is a success and doesn't feel heavy.

Un automne entre tourte et pie au V, le restaurant de l'hôtel Vernet

Moving on to dessert, a "feuilles à feuilles" based on Arlette leaves and a whole work around chocolate: milk Jivara chocolate, Guanaja and Alpaco chocolate sorbet. A tasty dessert that is not too sweet, for a light note at the end of a rather heavy-flavored meal.

You’ll love Fall with all those pies and tarts that smell like a good and warm night at home. The occasion to discover a delicious menu and a colorful restaurant. Let’s book a table, friends, shall we?

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From 23 September 2019 to 29 February 2020



    25 Rue Vernet
    75008 Paris 8

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