Goiko and its gourmet burgers are reopening

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Published by Laura B. · Photos by Laura B. · Published on 20 August 2020 at 14h32
Famous Spanish gourmet burger brand Goiko has come to France in 2019. And it’s of course in Paris 2nd arrondissement that the brand has decided to settle in…. Goiko is all that and we love it. And good news, the restaurant has reopened.

In Spain, Goiko already counts up 80 restaurants!
In 2020, the Spanish brand has decided to take over the French market for a first exportation. Its very first restaurant outside Spain has just opened in Paris, in the 2nd arrondissement.

Paris Goiko restaurant is now out of containment. It welcomes patrons again.

Goiko Goiko Goiko Goiko

For its opening in France, Goiko spares no expanse. The gourmet burger brand has chosen to cook original and gourmet recipes based on local and made in France ingredients.
And we can assure it, because we saw when ingredients were delivered!

In Goiko burgers, we have chicken, ground meat with pepper, boneless pork rib with barbecue sauce, fried cheese, sunny-side-up and even goat’s cheese. Vegan and vegetarian recipes are also available on Goiko’s menu.
In addition to the 10 hearty recipes with very funny names (Kiki, Bomba Sexy, Kevin Bacon…), Goiko enables you to create your very own custom-made burger.

Goiko Goiko Goiko Goiko

Not in the mood for a burger? That’s okay, Goiko also provides bowls, less fat.
To pair these gourmet burgers, Goiko offers starters such as finger food, desserts and drinks, obviously.

Goiko Goiko Goiko Goiko

After we started sipping our - very sweetened - beverages (we chose the house' signatures, lemon iced tea and a nice taste of lemongrass and mint lemonade granita) we go for a starter to share, teques with cheese, which is melted cheese coated in a Spanish dough that make us think of tapas. The meal starts in a very hearty way.

Goiko Goiko Goiko Goiko

Then, we move on to Goiko's famous burgers. We're here for them, aren't we? The Kiki with chicken is very hearty because it's based on two breaded chicken fillets. The Kevin Bacon is just as big with its huge grilled ground meat steak mixed with bacon, fried onions and cheddar. In addition to being generous, these burgers are very tasty and we're enjoying them.
And even more with fresh and homemade fries that are gold and soft. As good as at home. Even better than some served by French gourmet burger restaurants.

Goiko Goiko Goiko Goiko

Despite all the calories we've eaten already, we can't help ourselves but order some dessert. Once again, we go for the house's specialty: the Goiko cookie 2.0 which is a kind of brookie with brownie in the bottom, and chocolate cake and cookie on top. The whole is topped with some vanilla ice cream. It may sound super fat, but it's very comforting and delicious.

Goiko Goiko Goiko Goiko

At Goiko, you'll enjoy a nice service to your table. The decor of this very first restaurant in France is thorough with yellow neon lights and some other colors that remind us of Spain! And so do the waiters' accents as they come straight from this country.
Honorable mention to the toilet designer: with their own corrugated transparent plastic door (apparently no one can see us through), we kind of feel like we're doing our business in front of everyone!

Goiko Goiko Goiko Goiko

Burger fans, you know where to go in this early 2020!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 7 July 2020



    106 Rue de Richelieu
    75002 Paris 2


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