Jérôme Banctel’s signature dishes featured on Le Gabriel’s new lunch menu

Published by Laura B. · Published on 27 February 2020 at 09h58
Two-Michelin-star chef Jérôme Bactel provides a new lunch menu at Le Gabriel, the Michelin-awarded table at hotel La Réserve. A new menu featuring his signature dishes for a reasonable price…

La Réserve hotel restaurant Le Gabriel two-Michelin-star chef Jérôme Banctel offers a brand-new menu for lunch.

Working at Le Gabriel for 5 years, Jérôme Banctel – born in Brittany – has replaced Alain Senderens alongside Lucas Carton. Before that, he worked at Ambroisie for Bernard Pacaud.
As for Thomas Fefin – managing Le Gabriel dining room – he has been named Meilleur Ouvrier de France “Maître d’hôtel du Service et des Arts de la table” in 2019.

For lunch, then, chef Jérôme Banctel now provides a unique menu based on his Signature dishes. Seasonal cooking with Japanese twists, you can currently enjoy Breton artichoke and Racan pigeon – among others.

Le Gabriel lunch menu by Jérôme Banctel
€75/person (excluding drinks)

Mushroom burger with truffled candied egg yolk

“Macau” artichoke heart with sakura leaves and fresh cilantro

Main course
Cacao-marinated Racan pigeon with crispy buckwheat

Coffee bean meringue, birch syrup ice cream, galabé cane sugar

It’s very rare to be able to taste a two-Michelin-star chef’s signature dishes for lunch and for such a reasonable price.
An opportunity you don’t want to miss…

Practical information


42 Avenue Gabriel
75008 Paris 8

Franklin D. Roosevelt (ligne 1 - 9)


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