Coyo Taco, hearty and flavorful tacos in Paris 2nd arrondissement

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Updated on 19 October 2020 at 14h54 · Published on 14 October 2020 at 16h32
Do you like tacos? Well, you are going to be happy! Miami-based Coyo Taco has come to Paris with delicious tacos, quesadillas and other fleshy burritos recipes.

Described as the temple of Mexican food in Miami, Coyo Taco was created in 2014 in the Wynwood area in Miami. And the success is immediate, so much that the three founders, Alan Drummond, Sven Vogtland and Scott Linquist, open four other Coyo Taco addresses in the famous Floridan city.

Today, the franchise is a reference in the US, and its tacos are one of the best in the country. It is simple, Barack Obama, Michael Jordan and even David Beckham are fond of them.

Coyo TacoCoyo TacoCoyo TacoCoyo Taco

If you too want to give the Coyo Taco experience a try, and if for a meal you want to feel like an American celebrity, then brace yourself: Coyo Taco has just arrived in Paris, in the 2nd arrondissement. Let us meet there, shall we?

On Coyo Taco menu, Mexican food staples: fleshy beef and grilled chicken burritos (€12-13), exquisite quesadillas (€10-14) loaded in melted cheese, to dip in different Mexican dips, from he sweetest and creamiest to the spiciest, and of course, family-friendly guacamole (€8)/

Coyo TacoCoyo TacoCoyo TacoCoyo Taco

But at Coyo Taco, you first and foremost discover a whole range of hearty, original and really flavorful tacos based on fresh ingredients, and served by two: candied duck “Michoacana” style and salsa serrano (€9); roasted pork “Yucatan style” and marinated red onion habanero style (€8.50); pollock tempura “Tijuana style” and jalapeno aioli (€9); grilled shrimps “Yucatan style”, lemony cauliflower, chipotle aioli; or even vegetarian tacos based on cauliflower à la plancha and squash seeds (€7.50).

Coyo TacoCoyo TacoCoyo TacoCoyo Taco

Moving on to desserts, The French Bastards are on them with churros (€4) to dip in Mexican chocolate, and dulce de leche, as well as Glazed that came up with very original ice pops (€4.80): pineapple-pepper, orange-tequila, raspberry-hibiscus and coconut milk-spirulina.

We have no doubt, Coyo Taco will tickle your taste buds with its traditionally-made Mexican street-food dishes!

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Dates and Opening Time
Starts 14 October 2020



    109 Rue Montmartre
    75002 Paris 2

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