Benedict, Benedict eggs a thousand ways in the Marais

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 15 October 2020 at 11h04 · Updated on 17 October 2020 at 13h35
At Benedict, the star on the menu are Benedict eggs provided in original and really mouthwatering recipes.

Set rue Sinte-Croix de la Bretonnerie in the Marais, restaurant  Benedict enjoyed a makeover. Large counter for lunch on the go, have a drink with friends, clean and green decoration, a series of large rooms to keep distancing with your table neighbors… The restaurant is finally enjoying a grand reopening.

Restaurant BenedictRestaurant BenedictRestaurant BenedictRestaurant Benedict

On the menu, homemade novelties are to be found.
And  Benedict has a very diversified menu! There are marrow bone toast, homemade foie gras, or creamy burrata for starters; original salads based on crispy cauliflower, freekeh, and even roasted beetroot; gnocchi for pasta eaters and two sandwiches, a roast beef and a salmon club sandwich.

Also featured on the menu, burgers, tartare, fish and chips, and even Ouzo-cooked poultry livers. In other words, you can treat yourself to a menu providing many classic and also original dishes.

Restaurant BenedictRestaurant BenedictRestaurant BenedictRestaurant Benedict

But perhaps you got it, the star at Benedict are Benedict eggs! These Anglo-Saxon breakfast staples are served a thousand ways.

Restaurant BenedictRestaurant BenedictRestaurant BenedictRestaurant Benedict

Alongside the traditional Benedict eggs (€14.50) with turkey bacon, spinach and hollandaise sauce, you have Benedict eggs Italian style (€16) with mozzarella di buffalo, roasted eggplant and tomato-basil sauce; Benedict eggs Nordic style (€18) topping homemade blinis with smoked salmon and delicate chive cream; Reblochon Benedict eggs (€17) with crunchy potatoes, onion confit, turkey bacon, broiled reblochon and hollandaise sauce; and even classic Benedict eggs twisted by a truffled hollandaise sauce (€19).

Restaurant BenedictRestaurant BenedictRestaurant BenedictRestaurant Benedict

After enjoying as a starter some incredible mac and cheese balls with truffle (€11) and for very hearty mozzarella sticks (€10) to dip in homemade tomato and basil sauce, it is time for a very difficult choice: choosing Benedict eggs!

We ultimately order the exquisite Avocado Benedict eggs (€15) with cereal bread, big poached eggs, mashed and diced avocado, radish petals and the staple hollandaise sauce; and for the Cheddar Benedict eggs (€15) with cheddar, stir-fried mushrooms and hollandaise sauce that are more eggs with mushrooms than cheese, but they are yet delicious.

Restaurant BenedictRestaurant BenedictRestaurant BenedictRestaurant Benedict

As for sides, you can choose between homemade French fries, fries with truffle, roasted sweet potato, seasonal vegetables, sucrine salad, or mac and cheese. Perhaps have you noticed it but we do not really pay attention to calories and we think that we never eat too much mac and cheese in life, so we treated ourselves to wonderfully brown and creamy mac and cheese. Yum!

After this feast, we find some room left in our bellies to enjoy a homemade dessert, rum baba and homemade whipped cream (€11), very generous in rum and perfectly soaked. Or you can have the Benedict pancakes with banana, granola, and salted butter caramel, or a lighter treat: ice creams and sorbets by Benedict’s neighbors, Une Glace à Paris.

Restaurant BenedictRestaurant BenedictRestaurant BenedictRestaurant Benedict

Note that Benedict also provides a nice selection of creative cocktails. We tried the Elderflower Citrus (€11 – Cointreau, St-Germain, Prosecco, grapefruit, lemon and sour cherry), and the Pornstar Martini (€12 – Vanilla-infused vodka, passion fruit, brown sugar and prosecco shooter), they were both great.

In other words, for a festive brunch or a hearty lunch with friends or as a couple over delicious dishes, you shall go to Benedict!

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Starts 14 October 2020



    19 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie
    75004 Paris 4

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