Pantobaguette, Antonin Girard’s new musical and culinary counter

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 8 June 2021 at 11h33
Running Animal Records & Kitchen, chef Antonin Girard recently opened a new restaurant in Paris. Called Pantobaguette, this “festaurant” brilliantly mixes bistronomic food and music.

Indie label Animal Records returns in 2021 with a new project mixing – as for the previous ones – food and music! In 2016, Animal Records & Kitchen opened – at the Point EphémèreAnimal Kitchen. On the menu, street and comfort food, and surprising French-Asian tapas by the label boss, Antonin Girard, chef graduated from the Ecole Ferrandi. A few years later, it was at EP7 – the guinguette in Paris 13th arrondissement – that Antonin Girard settled in.

This spring 2021, chef Antoning Girard opens his “festaurantPantobaguette, by the Jules Joffrin area. Head to Paris 18th arrondissement to discover what the chef has in store!


Here, the food aims at being bistronomic and seasonal. Alright, let us share a few dishes available on the (short) menu at the moment. As tapas, incredible Takoyaki (€9) – these famous squid balls – super smooth and covered in mirin and bbq sauce, chives and Katsuobushi, the incredible dried skipjack tuna dancing to the wind for our eyes’ delight. Also available, delicious black sausage fritters (€8) to dip in curry and cilantro dip!


Let us continue with vinaigrette leeks (€6), deliciously smooth and spiced up with some virgin dressing, ricotta, hazelnuts and sourdough chips; before moving on to main courses: on one hand, some delicately fried cod sando sandwich (€12), tartare sauce and dried beetroots, made with homemade light bread; on the other hand, a big and hearty bowl served with pork curry (€12) perfectly seasoned and topping Camargue rice and spring vegetables.

To end on a slightly sweeter but mouthwatering note, we ask for the dessert filled with rhubarb (still not sweet enough, the season just began!), yuzu, acacia flower pickles, and beautiful madeleine cooked to order and served hot (€7), what a delight.


Note this new musical and culinary counter offers foodies in Paris a small sandwich menu to takeaway for lunch, and a tapas offer to share in the evening – tapas served on site at lunch! And wash it all with a sharp selection of natural wine and signature cocktails, listening to good music, of course!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 7 June 2021



    16 Rue Eugène Sue
    75018 Paris 18

    Official website


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