Ibrik Deli, street food from the Balkans by Ecaterina Paraschiv

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Updated on 3 August 2021 at 17h02 · Published on 29 July 2021 at 10h36
Balkan street-food is to be enjoyed in Paris thanks to Ecaterina Paraschiv opening – after Ibrik Café and Ibrik Kitchen – Ibrik Deli, a delicious eatery featuring a terrace!

Gastronomes have been enjoying for several years already all Ecaterina Paraschiv’s locations. After Ibrik Café – that met quite a success from its very opening – and Ibrik Kitchen restaurant, the chef coming from the Balkans opened this past Spring a new restaurant in Paris: Ibrik Deli.

Unlike Ibrik Kitchen offering foodies to enjoy genuine Balkan family food – highly comforting – mostly based on stuffed cabbage, polenta stuffed with cheese and hot fritters covered in jam, Ibrik Deli serves another aspect of Balkan cooking: street food!

Ibrik DeliIbrik DeliIbrik DeliIbrik Deli

It is in Paris 10th arrondissement that Ibrik Deli has been shining. From the open-plan kitchen, tasty smells of traditional recipes and meats cooked over charcoal fill the air, and it does not take more to make us drool. On the menu of this new friendly and authentic cocoon, curious and gastronomes discover a wonderful selection of mezze-like dishes to pair with homemade lemonade or a glass of kefir, the famous fermented milk.

Ibrik DeliIbrik DeliIbrik DeliIbrik Deli

Here, meat sandwiches (€12) are given pride of place: schnitzel, chicken souvlaki, kefta and other cevapi (grilled meat rolls). We went for the staple marinated lamb’s shawarma with white and red cabbages, fermented green tomato, pickled red onions and Biggy sauce; as well as the vegetarian version of the pide Turkish style based on soft homemade bread like a pizza dough and covered in candied onions, mashed tomatoes, and three cheeses: halloumi, feta and saganaki. What a delight!

To nibble on sides, we order the ktipiti (€5), creamy feta twisted with green chili pepper, crunchy smashed potatoes with garlic and parsley (€6), highly delightful, and the breadcrumb coated cauliflower (€6) we gladly dip in delicious Biggy sauce. With its fine and crunchy coating, the cauliflower is a heart-stopper to enjoy with your fingers!

Ibrik DeliIbrik DeliIbrik DeliIbrik Deli

Moving on to desserts, enjoy the papanasi (€6), these Romanian fritters covered in yogurt and jam we already loved at Ibrik Kitchen, as well as a regressive dessert coming straight from Romania: wrapped vanilla ice cream (€3.5) like a frozen chimney cake.

To discover Balkan street-food, head to Ibrik Deli. And the place stays open all summer long!

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Dates and Opening Time
Starts 29 July 2021



    7 Rue d'Enghien
    75010 Paris 10

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