Alain Ducasse is soon to open a restaurant and an ice cream parlor in Paris!

Published by Manon C. · Photos by Julie M. · Published on 6 April 2021 at 22h11 · Updated on 7 April 2021 at 14h29
Invited on Europe 1, Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse has revealed two new projects soon to come to life in Paris: the opening of a restaurant pertaining to “naturality” in Paris 10th arrondissement, and an ice cream parlor right by his chocolate factory!

Despite the health situation that is not improving, it seems Alain Ducasse never stops working! As a matter of fact, invited on Europe 1 this past April 2, the famous Michelin-starred chef unveiled his upcoming Parisian projects, and it seems the French capital is about to enjoy not one but two new places by Ducasse!

On one hand, chef Ducasse has told radio journalists that a restaurant pertaining to “naturality” was soon to open on rue de Paradis, in Paris 10th arrondissement. For the record, “naturality” is the concept created by Ducasse first in Le Meurice palace kitchen, then used for a healthy but oh-so indulging delivery offering called Naturaliste. “I have a project that will start in a couple of weeks. We will follow a culinary editorial policy highlighting street naturality to a very interesting cost, by rue de Paradis”, he detailed.

On the other hand, chef Ducasse has also made the most of his interview with Europe 1 to say he was intending to open – in a couple of weeks – an ice cream parlor, not far from his chocolate factory, by Bastille. Calling all icy treat fans! “We will start a new job that is ice cream making. The ice cream parlor will be set right by my chocolate factory, rue de la Roquette in Paris 11th arrondissement. And this is where we’ll be making ice cream too. You’ll have to wait for a quarter of an hour so we can finish churning our coffee, chocolate or vanilla ice cream, because it will be made by the book. As I used to love testing them when I started in this field, almost half a century ago already. I had this dream of becoming an ice cream maker and this dream is to come true in a few weeks”.

Furthermore, Alain Ducasse also revealed he has created – at Manufacture de Café – a coffee especially for the Louvre based on a “blend with an unusual taste. It involved Ethiopian fermented coffee, it’s its typicality. We then added some Panama Geisha and Brazilian coffee”.

So many novelties by Ducasse to discover soon!

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