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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 16 July 2021 at 09h59
By day, Kanopé is a coffee shop serving major brunch classics. But at night, this new spot turns into a small bistro with plates to share, nature wines, and signature cocktails!

Why choosing between a coffee shop and a bistro when you can find a place that can be both depending on the time of the day? Head to Paris 9th arrondissement to discover Kanopé, the new shape-shifting place that recently opened, at the instigation of restaurateurs Antoine Le Vu and Romain Le Pape.

Both friends – running café Kozy Bosquet – uncover their new hybrid address with – behind the stoves – executive chef Miguel Rijo. By day, Kanopé is a coffee shop serving major New-York-inspired brunch classics.


On the menu, from breakfast to lunch, you can enjoy a brunch served every day of the week: French toast, acai bowls, and of course pancakes served with praline-chocolate sauce, and praline cream, poached egg, and nice slices of bacon, or even whipped cream and seasonal fruits.

As for savory, Kanopé daytime menu also features the Hot Beef, some fleshy bun filled with pulled beef, spicy sauce and crunchy vegetables to enjoy with a side of panisse fries; the Fish Bun with sustainably fished salmon patty and fresh herbs; or the truffled Mac’n’cheese to enjoy with a coffee, smoothie, or why not a cocktail.


But past 7 p.m., Kanopé shape shifts and turns into a bistro serving small dishes to share, nature wines, and signature cocktails. The highlight is the vegetable-based recipes, such as the roasted chimichurri cauliflower, the labneh-roasted carrots and pistachio nougatine, or the grilled asparagus served with hollandaise sauce with smoked paprika.


But fish fans will surely ask for the pollock nuggets to dip in herb and yogurt dip, while meat lovers will enjoy a nice selection of thoroughly sourced cold cuts, knife-cut beef tartare served with Worcestershire sauce mayonnaise, katsu chicken with Cajun spice marinade, white cabbage salad and bulldog dressing.

So, feel like discovering this new spot by day or by night?

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 3 June 2021



    46 Rue la Fayette
    75009 Paris 9

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