Pizz’Aria, Riccardo Giraudi’s latest restaurant in Paris 2nd arrondissement

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Published by Manon C., Laurent P. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 2 November 2021 at 12h56
Pizza lovers are expected at Pizz’Aria, aka Riccardo Giraudi’s latest Italian restaurant, that opened this Wednesday October 27, 2021 in Paris 2nd arrondissement, set a stone’s throw from the Sentier neighborhood.

Making innovative pizzas in Paris? Challenge accepted and successfully met by Riccardo Giraudi’s newest restaurant, Pizz'Aria, that recently opened in Paris 2nd arrondissement, a stone’s throw from the Sentier neighborhood.

After Anahi and south-American food, or the Beefbar by the Champs-Elysées, the Italiano-British entrepreneur is back with a sun-filled and Mediterranean-inspired concept: street-food style pizza served in what looks like a giant match box displaying very design graphics.


And among them, a crazily indulging specialty: the Pinsa Romana! Both fluffy and crunchy, this creation is appealing withoval-shaped dough topped by delicious and fresh produces. A thick pizza, halfway between bread and focaccia, shaking the rules of traditional pizza. Coming covered in cheese and walnut, or Margherita style or with truffle cream.


For this new restaurant, Giraudi called in architect duo Humbert & Poyet – known for designing the different Beefbar worldwide. A universe also inspired by cinema, with symmetry reminding us of movies by Wes Anderson, such as “The Darjeeling Limited” or “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 29 October 2021



    55 Rue Montmartre
    75002 Paris 2

    Métro ligne 3 station "Bourse" ou station "Sentier"

    Official website

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